Cape Fear Chapter Report – June/July 2017

by Matt Decker, Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator

Our June meeting had to be cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with the location, and us being unable to find a different venue.

At the July Meeting we had; Myself, Chris and Elizabeth Severt, Morgan Mehler, Chris Deen, Kit Williams, Bob Walker, Jeff and Sarah Eng, and Mark Miller in attendance.

As well as three new guests, one looking to become a member.

We discussed several things;

  • Timing light upgrades to the boxes and our need of new backups for NCAC.
  • Course worker safety and coordination. We have been having difficulty coordinating workers and worker stations on our 2 day events. We discussed how we can remedy and improve station layout and locations.
  • We made a donation to the local Community College as thanks for letting us use their pavement for the Blackwater Events (cape Fear Community College)
  • Lastly, we discussed FTD and PAX trophies that we will need for the remainder of the year. As well as looking at the Trophies we are getting for NCAC.

We then made the announcements of our Novice school on the 22nd, and our next event following day the 23rd. As well as Registration for NCAC being open (as of July 1st) and that there was no auto-registration, like our other events.


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