Cape Fear Chapter Report – July 2014

July Cape Fear Chapter Meeting report:

Meeting had 12 members and 1 guest present.  We started the meeting off with introductions and quickly moved on to the business of the meeting.

I.  Debrief of Points events #2 & 3 at Cherry Point MCAS

It was a very hard and trying weekend with a myriad of issues.  We had to call the event early on Saturday due to a quick moving thunderstorm that moved in.  We had one run group that never got afternoon runs in forcing us to revert back to morning runs and call the event based on 3 runs.  No awards given due to having to vacate the runway asap due to lightning.

Sunday just continued the trend with EMS being dispatched to the event twice over the course of the day as well as multiple timing and scoring system issues.  The event was called early when an NCR member collapsed in grid shortly after lunch and had to be taken to the hospital.  The event was once again called based on morning runs only.  No awards were given.

II.  First responder safety protocol

We discussed at length our response to both of Sundays incidents and how we handled the situations.   Was agreed with the information and equipment we had on site that both situations were dealt with appropriately and quickly.  We all agreed that having only half of the Solo staff CPR or First responder certified wasn’t adequate and are taking steps to get the entire Solo staff certified.   We are also in the planning stages of getting a list together for putting together a first responder bag that has a few more items over your standard first aid kit.  NCR member Jeremy Tanner is reaching out to Zoll for assistance in donation of an AED to have available at all events.

III.  VIR joint event with THSCC

We finalized the last few details of our participation in the inaugural Motorsports Extravaganza at VIR on Sept 5 & 6 and we are looking forward to it.

Meeting was adjourned

John Byers, Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator


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