Cape Fear Chapter Report – August 2016

The Cape Fear Chapter met on August 2nd at Elizabeth’s Pizza with 15 members present.

Chris Severt and Morgan Mehler led the meeting and discussed at length the flow chart of jobs and responsibilities within the Solo program.  We are moving to an Event Chair system where we involve the local solo members into their program and have them take the duties of running an event.  The main hope of this is twofold.  One, with a keen eye on the future of potential Solo Chairs and two, to help delegate many of the duties that have fallen on a few shoulders and to potentially prevent the dreaded burnout.

With our first two Event Chairs picked, Travis Elliot took the August double points event and Bob Walker stepped up to take the September double points event both at our infamous Cherry Point location.

The remainder of the meeting was spent swapping out war stories of things gone wrong on event weekends and the wonderful paddock spirit that often rises to the top to help out our fellow competitors.

John Byers
Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator


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