BoD Minutes – September 20, 2017

Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

September 20, 2017

Present:  Heather Clark, Anna Crissman, Bruce Dover, Sam Fouse, Heather Powers, Mark Senior, James Shanks, and via conference call, Eric Danielsen, Matt Decker, Blair Deffenbaugh, Morgan Mehler, and Ben Tyler. Buddy Matthews and Rex Deffenbaugh did not attend.

  1. The NCR BoD meeting was called to order by RE Sam Fouse at 7:31 PM, on Wednesday, September 20th 2017, at Piper’s Deli, 3219 Old Chapel Hill Road, Durham, NC,
  1. On the phone, Eric Danielsen and Ben Tyler, attended as guests.
  1. Motion to approve the July minutes, omitted from last month’s proceedings, as posted on the Google drive (Crissman / Senior).
  1. Motion to approve the August minutes as posted on the Google drive (Clark / Crissman).

Financial Report.

 Treasurer Heather Powers reported that we have about $111.8K in the money market account, and about $6800 in checking after the purchase of the Speed Suite. She will be moving money into checking in anticipation of expenses for the Goblins Go and Harvest Moon Hot Laps PDX. Solo, she said, has just under $10.8K in their account at this time.

Order of items below reflects the order of discussion; not as they appeared on the published agenda.

New Business:

  1. Speed Suite Purchase Completion and Additional Items. Sam announced that we had closed on the Speed Suite at VIR on September 5th. The official purchase price was $125K, in order to keep the appraised value high, but Harvey Siegel, the previous owner, made a $3000 donation to the Region immediately after the purchase, making the effective price $122K, which is less than the original sales price of the unit. Our monthly mortgage will be about $741 per month, and our owner association dues to cover water, sewer, and maintenance, are only $65 /month. Electricity is our responsibility and Bruce has opened an account for the Region with the utility in Danville. After getting some very high quotes for insurance, Sam was able to obtain coverage from K&K, the SCCA insurer, for $950 a year, which is much less than some other owners are paying. Bruce has visited the suite since Mr. Siegel had moved out, and he circulated photographs of the interior. There were some items left behind, particularly some industrial shelving, which Mr. Siegel might want. Sam will contact him about those. Bruce also needs to contact VIR maintenance about a very large wasp nest nearby which will have to be removed. The current plans call for the flag meeting on Saturday morning, October 14th, , for the Goblins Go, to be at that location, with Bob Brookfield registering workers there that morning because of the early start time. We may also hold a worker party there on the Friday night before the Harvest Moon PDX as well. Sam directed Bruce to tell VIR hat we would be vacating our rental garages on October 15th, at the conclusion of the Goblins Go.
  1. Goblins Go Revisions. Anna announced that after consultation with Sam she had added Legends cars and GT Pinto to the groupings in the Goblins Go Supps, as these had been requested by MARRS drivers. Sam indicated that the V8 Super Series drivers wanted a lap race versus a timed race on Sunday, but that this was actually a good thing for us, since their 16 laps would easily fit within the allotted 45-minute window.  As for Code 35, it was observed that if Cowboy were to be in charge of EV that weekend, we would not likely have any problems, as he well understands how our events flow.  
  1. PDX Event Progress. Mark Senior announced that he had had a discussion with VIR’s Kerrigan Smith, and that he has been told that VIR has much stricter regulations than SCCA does for PDX-type events. In particular, VIR requires that all convertibles have a roll bar with four points of attachment made to the sanctioning body’s specifications and a Snell SA-rated helmet no more than one certification level back (2010). Hard tops and targa tops for convertibles are not enough and M-rated motorcycle helmets are not allowed. There was considerable discussion by the Board about the arbitrariness of these rules, but Mark indicated that Kerrigan was firm on this matter and no further discussion would be forthcoming. We will have to enforce these regulations at our PDX, despite the fact that they will likely reduce our number of entries. Several suggestions were made about how we might obtain more loaner helmets and Mark said he would look into those. There was also considerable discussion about how many volunteers would be needed to staff this event, and in what capacity. For example, no EV volunteers are needed, and only one starter and steward are required, as are at least 3 people on grid; and all corner stations which are usually staffed for a race (15 of them) must have at least one person on each. The discussion centered around how to attract and compensate these people, since many of our usual volunteers considered a PDX too boring to attend. Motion (Senior / Crissman) that we offer the first 25 volunteers who will accept assignment where we need them $100 per diem, plus a free weekend membership if required, and free camping on Friday, as well as a free social Friday night. Passed.
  1. 2018 Schedule. Mark relayed that he had received an unexpected call from Kevin Massey-Shaw at VIR regarding our dates for next year. He indicated that VIR has us down for these dates:

March 10 – 11             March into Spring

April 13 – 15               VIR Sprint Sprints Majors

May 12-13                   SARRC / MARRS Challenge

October 13-14             Goblins Go

This is not the schedule Sam gave to SEDIV in July.  The SARRC / MARRS challenge has been pushed forward to Mother’s Day weekend again, and the October stand-alone Saturday is missing altogether. Sam consulted the SEDIV calendar and determined that there is nothing going on the weekend of May 12-13, so we can live with that if we must, but he directed Mark to ask Kevin if we could have the earlier date of May 5-6 as requested before instead.  Mark will also ask about our missing Saturday in October. 

Old Business:

  1. Awards Banquet Update. As Buddy was unable to make the meeting, this item was tabled until next month. 

Chapter and Committee Reports: As of this writing there were no Chapter reports for September posted on the Google drive under September for 2017.

Motion to adjourn at 8:52 PM (Clark / Senior). Passed.

Submitted by Secretary, James Shanks


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