BoD Minutes – October 28, 2015

Summary of Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

October 28, 2015

Present: Buddy Matthews, Steve Keadle, Mark Senior, Rex Deffenbaugh, Steve Rose, Heather Powers, Bruce Dover, Sam Fouse, James Shanks, Mike Spencer, Blair Stitt, Leigh Ann Hobgood, and via conference call, John Byers, Eric Danielson.

  1. The NCR BoD meeting was called to order by Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, at 7:30 pm, on Wednesday, October 28th 2015, at Pipers Deli, 3219 Old Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, NC, 27707.
  2. The RE introduced guests in attendance: Mark Senior, Leigh Ann Hobgood
  3. Motion (Shanks/Spencer) to approve the minutes of September 2015. Passed

Financial Report: Treasurer Steve Keadle reported that the region currently has approximately $121,000.00 cash in the bank.


  1.  Chapters

  1. Cape Fear: John Byers reported that 15 members attended the last chapter meeting. Discussions included the recent auto-x which hosted 84 participants, as well as the club races being run by Morgan Mehler and Chris Deen. Also reported was the success of the new electronic score board.
  2. Triangle: James Shanks reported that 23 members attended the last chapter meeting including two new members who are anxious to attend the driver’s school in February.
  3. West: Buddy Matthews reported that 12 members attended the last chapter meeting. The chapter enjoyed some in-car video provided my Mike Cooke.

  2.  Committees

  1. Membership: James Shanks reported that we currently have 755 in the NCR as of 10-27-2015. This is higher than at the same time last year.
  2. Competition Board: Mike Spencer reported that there has been no recent Competition Board meeting; however, there have been several discussions being presented that will be discussed at their next meeting. Included in these discussions are alternate enduro series that may help out 13 hour event. At this time, James Shanks passed around the medallion that was given to the podium finishing drivers at the 13/8 hour race this year.
  3. Solo:  No report.
  4. PDX/TT: No report
  5. Publicity: Bruce Dover reported that multiple e-mails had been sent out on the 13/8 hour event as well as the Goblins-Go event. Sam Fouse reported that our sponsor, Race Engineering was extremely pleased with our use of their logo during the event.
  6. Charities: No report.
  7. Banquet: No report, but mention that the banquet will be in Wilmington on January 9th 2016.
  8. Awards: No report

Old Business:

  1. Region Office Copier: The region’s office copier is broken and parts are no longer available for the model we own. Bruce Dover has gotten estimates to replace the machine. Several estimates for machines were given. The BoD has discussions on what should be done. The main topic was if the Board should spend $1400 on a very good used machine, or if we would be better off on a more disposable type $400 machine that can be purchased from an office supply store. It is estimated that the region produces approximately 3000 copies per year. This item was tabled until the next BoD meeting.
  2. 2016 Schedule: Mark Senior mentioned that we still have a scheduling conflict with the SEDiV schedule for 2016. The current schedule puts our Goblins race one week after the SIC, and two weeks before the ARRC. There was a question raised by SEDiV that we should go back to our traditional dates. At this time, it was noted that our dates have not changed in several years. This item was tables until the next BoD meeting.
  3. Membership Directory: Buddy Matthews has received a quote for putting together a paper membership directory as mentioned in the regions by-laws. At this time, the directory would be 72-74 pages and would cost about $2.50 each. The directories would also provide possible advertising spots to offset the cost of the directories.
  4. Free Runoffs/SIC participant entry: Motion (Matthews/Shanks) Any NC Region member who participated in either the National Runoffs or the SIC/ECR finale in 2015 will be given a $150 credit toward any NC Region race for the calendar year of 2016. It is noted that this will not apply to region members who took advantage of the previous motion and had a free entry at the Goblins-Go event. Passed 5-4. This motion was made as it was not possible for many drivers to make the Goblins event due to the close proximity of the championship races.

New Business:

  1. VIR Tech Shed Changes: VIR has announced that it will be re-doing the entire roof on the tech shed and scales building. Since the region owns a portion of that building, we will be responsible for some of the cost. It was mentioned by Rex that it would be a good idea to get an advance warning on what these costs may be. Mark Senior stated that he will speak to VIR to get an idea of the estimated bill for our portion.
  2. Complaint Letter to VIR: Eric Danielson brought to the BoD attention about a situation that occurred at VIR during the 13 hour event. Eric has drafted a letter to be sent to Kerrigan Smith, the General Manager. The letter depicts a situation in where a NCR corner worker was verbally abused by a track EV employee. Eric and others have noted that the particular employee has done this same type of thing to other NCR volunteers in the past. A copy of the letter has been retained for the record. The BoD was okay with this letter being sent as long as the EV director is notified as well.
  3. Complaint letter received from #99 STL at 13/8: We received a letter of complaint. Tabled
  4. TCPS: Steve Rose announced that he will be looking for replacement as the TCPS administrator. He also mentioned that the region will need to purchase year end awards for drivers not to exceed $350.
  5. NCR-SCCA License Plates: John Byers reported that the NCDMV can issue NCR-SCCA license plates for all members if there is an interest of at least 300 plates. The license plate would be state issued and would have the NCR logo on the left hand side. There would be an additional $10 annual fee to have this plate. The BoD has no issues in doing this.
  6. Non-refundable deposits: There was mention that we have had a situation where at times our registration might make mention of deposits either refundable or non-refundable and the supps will say the opposite thing. It was noted that this is a competition board issue and it will be resolved.
  7. Sam’s Club: Motion (Keadle/Fouse) The region shall purchase a Sam’s Club membership. Cards will be given to authorized personal, including the office manager and race chairs. Passed
  8. Letter of Intent (Majors): There was mention of the Letter of Intent from National, which the RE will need to sign. This letter indicates our intention to run the Majors in April at VIR under several conditions. Rex will sign the letter as it is due very soon. The primary difference will be adding 5 minutes to each run group.
  9. Nominations: Heather Powers mentioned that nominations for elections are due by the next BoD meeting. Positions opening up are the Regional Executive, Secretary, and 2 Member at Large positions. Positions are currently being help by Rex Deffenbaugh, Steve Rose, Blair Stitt, and Heather Powers.

Motion to adjourn at 9:15 pm (Keadle/Stitt) Passed


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