BOD Minutes – October 17, 2012

Summary of Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly

Board of Directors Meeting
October 17, 2012

PRESENT:  Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, Patricia Deffenbaugh, Ron Gentry, Steve Keadle, Jerry Pell, Buddy Matthews, James Shanks, John Lindquist, Annie Lindquist, Mark Senior, Wayne Quick, Clayton Condrey, John Uftring, Natasha Uftring and, via telephone for parts of the meeting, Sara Snider, Chris Severt and Heather Powers.

1.       The NCR BoD’s monthly meeting was called to order by Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, at 7:38 p.m., on Wednesday, October 17, 2012, at Carver’s on Elm Restaurant, 106 West Elm Street, Graham, NC  27253 (Exit 147, I-85/40).

2.       The RE introduced guests in attendance:  Patricia Deffenbaugh, Annie Lindquist, Buddy Matthews, Mark Senior, Clayton Condrey, John Uftring and Natasha Uftring.

3.       Motion (Shanks/Lindquist) to approve the Minutes of the September 19, 2012, NCR BoD Meeting; Passed.


Steve Keadle, Treasurer, presented his Financial Report, via a five page written report, a copy of which is attached to these Minutes, consisting of a Balance Sheet, reflecting Cash on Hand of approximately $124,200 and a Profit and Loss with Previous Year Comparison statement reflecting income and expenses through September, 2012, with a comparison to the same nine months of 2011.  Revenue for the first nine months in 2012 is down, as compared to the same period in 2011.  Expenses, however, were down from last year, for the period.  Race entries for the 2012 Goblin’s Go event appear to be approaching 300 in number and there are already 55 race entries for the 2012 13 Hour Enduro race event, which two events will take place later this month.  The Treasurer advises that his next Financial Report will include the financial results from the two NCR race events scheduled for late October, 2012, at VIR.


1.       Payment of SOLO Committee Loan.  The Treasurer reported that the Region has been repaid the $3,000 loan it made to the NCR SOLO Committee, which used said funds to acquire t-shirts and trophies for the North Carolina Autocross Championship, which event was recently hosted by the SOLO Committee.

2.       RE Report.  It was suggested that following the 13 Hour Enduro race event in late October, 2012, that the RE should submit a written RE Report for the Region’s website.


1.       Tarheel Sports Car Club.  Mark Senior advises that the Tarheel Sports Car Club recently signed a rental agreement with VIR for their traditional three day September HPDE type of event in 2013.  Mark reports that the Tarheel Sports Car Club still desires to do something jointly, or combined, with the NCR on that weekend, however, Mark indicated that there is still a big scheduling issue in trying to put together a combined event.  James Shanks suggested that we consider the possibility of hosting a SCCA Drivers School at VIR, as a potential activity for a combined event with the Tarheel Sports Car Club, in September, 2013.  A Drivers School requires six hours of track time for a SCCA single Drivers School.  Other issues regarding combined activities with the Tarheel Sports Car Club is that SCCA requires a minimum of two flaggers per corner station, whereas the Tarheel Sports Car Club, and some other race groups, require only one flagger per station.

2.       FCC Narrow Band Licenses.  James Shanks advised of a notice received by the Region with reference to the FCC’s new narrow band license(s) for the radio frequency(s) used by our Region at our race events.  James advised of the information he obtained from Phil Hennrich with reference to the Region using a private firm, which the Region has used in the past, to assist the Region with its licensing requirements and FCC compliance.  After a thorough discussion by the BoD, the BoD authorized incurring the cost of obtaining the services of the independent agent contractor, to assist the Region with its FCC licensing requirements, to be handled as a matter of an ordinary business expense, which contractor’s expense was estimated at about $110 for each frequency which the FCC assigns to the NCR.

3.       Entry Fees.  The BoD was advised that the Tarheel Cup Pro Series (“TCPS”) race entry fee for the upcoming TCPS race has been increased to $260.00 per entry, an increase from the previous entry fee charged for the TCPS race event in March, 2012.  The BoD was interested to know how and who set the $260.00 entry fee, which the TCPS Administrator understood should have been about $230.00 for the entry fee for the Fall TCPS race.

4.       Paddock Passes.  The BoD discussed the “Temporary Paddock Passes” being made available to drivers and co-drivers for the Goblins Go race event, to obtain entry to the paddock prior to their registering at Registration.  The BoD will look at this issue, subsequent to the Goblins Go race event, to see what benefits and/or detriments resulted from using the Temporary Paddock Passes.

5.       Paid Workers.  Sara Snider requested the BoD authorize, if needed, the employment of VIR corner workers (flaggers) for the Goblins Go race event, if there is, in fact, a shortfall of SCCA flaggers.  The BoD authorized the employment of VIR corner station flaggers, only if needed to meet the minimum requirements of SCCA as to number of required flaggers per corner station. 

6.       Worker Incentive Program.  The BoD discussed the possibility of adding $5 per car to next year’s race registration fees to cover a potential increase in the per diem payment (credit) given to SCCA workers, which has classically equated to 50% of the hotel cost for the designated NCR-SCCA race hotel, in Danville.  The BoD discussed the matter and requested that the Specialty Chiefs talk to their workers and others and report back.  The BoD is also looking at what other regions charge for race entry fees in relationship to the other perks (gifts/food/party) and the per diem amounts which they may provide to their SCCA workers.  The BoD elected to table the matter until the next BoD meeting for further discussion.


1.       Chapter:

          A.      Cape Fear Chapter:  It was reported that 12 people attended the last Cape Fear Chapter meeting, wherein the North Carolina Autocross Championship, recently concluded, was discussed.  144 autocross entries participated at the North Carolina Autocross Championship weekend event, which event experienced some minor course setup problems but otherwise the event was a great success.  115 people attended the event’s Saturday night social, wherein door prizes were provided.  The autocross event ran Saturday and Sunday (3 runs per day).  Trophies were presented and the state autocross club championship was determined.  The Triad Sports Car Club was first, NCR SOLO Committee (club) was second and the Tarheel Sports Car Club was third.  Triad’s first place was the fifth year in a row in which they won the top club position.  The event netted the NCR SOLO Committee about $2,000, after expenses, which outcome was a major triumph for the SOLO Committee.

          B.      Triangle Chapter:  James Shanks, Chapter Coordinator, advised that 18 members attended their last Triangle Chapter meeting.

          C.      West Chapter:  John Lindquist, Chapter Coordinator, advised that 17 members attended their last West Chapter meeting.

2.       Committees

          A.      Awards:  James Shanks, Chairman, advises that he has sent out to his Committee a spreadsheet of the awards given annually by the Region and he also provided the names of all the winners of said awards over the last ten years.

          B.      Banquet:  No report.

          C.      Competition Board:  The BoD was advised that Jeff Lingle, Co-Chief of Tech for the NCR, arranged for the SCCA to accept Grand Am competition licenses with reference to the Region’s 13 Hour Enduro race event, scheduled for late October, 2012, and which type of license will also be acceptable for other SCCA Regional and National races.  With reference to the Goblins Go event, the rules require a minimum of 28 corner worker (flaggers) and at the present time only 32 flaggers have signed up for the Goblins Go event.

          D.      SOLO Committee:  No additional report.

          E.      PDX/TT:  No additional report.

          F.       Membership:  As of now, the Region has 709 members, per the report of James Shanks, Membership Chairman.

          G.      Publicity:  John Uftring, Publicity Chairman, advises that the Region’s advertising for 2012 has been completed, with the Region’s ads for the two races, scheduled for later this month, appearing in the latest editions of Sports Car and Grassroots Motorsports magazines.  John advises that he needs the Region’s race dates for 2013 as early as possible, in order to book advertising for the Region’s Spring (March, April & May) races at VIR.  Mark Senior advises that it is normally not until January (2013) that the Region will have signed track rental agreements with VIR, which it can then rely upon as firm dates for our 2013 race events at VIR.  John Lindquist advised that the Region apparently did not do any email blasts to drivers for the October races at VIR and he suggests that we (NCR-Publicity) resume using email blasts to dirvers for all our race events in the Spring of 2013, and thereafter.  The BoD discussed the substantial difficulty of attempting to track the effect of our paid advertisements in the magazines we use.

          H.      Charities:  No report.

Motion to Adjourn (Lindquist/Keadle) at 9:06 P.M.; Passed.


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