BOD Minutes – November 19, 2014

Summary of the Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
November 19, 2014

Present: Buddy Matthews, Steve Keadle, Steve Rose, John Lindquist, Annie Lindquist, Rex Deffenbaugh, Blair Stitt, Mark Senior, Sam Fouse, James Shanks, Mike Spencer, Heather Powers, Bruce Dover, Ginny Condrey, and via phone, Blair Deffenbaugh

  1. The NCR BoD meeting was called to order by Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, at 7:30 pm, on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at Pipers Deli, 3219 Old Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, NC, 27707.

  2. The RE introduced guests in attendance, Mark Senior, Mike Spencer, Annie Lindquist, and Bruce Dover.

  3. Motion (Shanks/Stitt) to approve the Minutes of October, 8 2014. (passed)

Financial Report: There was no formal financial report, but a proposed budget was presented to Board members for approval at the next BoD meeting.


  1. Chapters

    1. Cape Fear: No report

    2. Triangle: James Shanks reported that 23 members attended the last Chapter meeting. There were discussions about Doug Piner’s trip to the Runoffs, as well as new member William Wallace who completed his requirements at the Goblins Go event to get his competition license.

    3. West: Buddy Matthews reported that 13 members attended the last Chapter meeting. Discussed were the last two NCR events, SM compliance at the Runoffs, and the upcoming elections.

  1. Committees:

    1. Membership: James Shanks reported we are at 777 members. This number is higher than it was at this time last year.

    2. Comp Board: John Lindquist reported that 14 members came to the last meeting. The Comp Board was able to go over the supps for the spring races including the March and May Regional event as well as the April Majors event. The Comp Board has suggested lowering entry fees for the March event to $175 for SARRCs, $195 for TCPS races, and keeping the ECR’s at $260. The Executive BoD will need to decide if it would like to approve these suggested fees. (TCPS is suggesting lowering fees by eliminating payouts to drivers). There were comments about advertising and e-mail blasts being successful and overall positive. John also showed that for SARRC races, 81% of the entrants came from NC and North, while TCPS and ECR drivers were at 70% NC and North. It was shown that the majority of our drivers are not SEDIV. Next, John discussed that Steve Keadle is having discussions with the Mid-Atlantic division about the possibility of hosting MARRS races with us at our March event. At this time, there is no definite answer, but they will know after they hold a meeting on December 6th 2014. John reported that our specialty chiefs had no real issues last year with the exception of Start at the 13 hour event will need the light tower moved for next year. Last, it was reported that a Chump and Lemons entry team committee was created. It will be this committee’s job to help promote our events to this group of drivers. The committee is composed of Heather Powers, Sam Fouse, Mike Spencer, Eric Danielson, and Justin Deffenbaugh.

    3. Solo: No report

    4. PDX/TT: No report

    5. Publicity: Bruce Dover reported that we sent 3 e-mail blasts as part of our advertising campaign this fall. He reported that there was around a 32% open rate, meaning that of all the recipients, this percentage took the time to at least open the e-mail. It is noted that a great number of people opening these e-mails are clicking on links to go to other websites such as SEDIV. Next, James Shanks reported that he sent a copy of the ad to the BoD which will be available in the February issue of Grassroots available for sale in late December.

    6. Charities: Ginny Condrey asked the BoD if they would like to do anything different for charities next year. It was decided that nothing will change at this time for 2015.

    7. Banquet: There has been a question raised by the banquet committee as to if the budget for the banquet is in addition to what is received by those in attendance. It was clarified that the budget allowed is what may be spent regardless to what is received.

    8. Awards: James Shanks sent a document to the BoD about the Awards Committee’s responsibilities. James stated he will chair the committee this year so long as he is not doing the job alone as he has in years past. The committee consists of Members at Large, and the Chapter coordinators.

New Business:

  1. TCPS: TCPS series administrator Steve Rose presented some changes to the series for next year that may help attendance and the overall well-being of the Region. The primary change would be to eliminate the driver payouts in order to significantly reduce entry fees. Other changes would be to the points structure and to how many races one would need to enter to be eligible for the championship and end of year trophies. Steve will put together the proposed changes into the rules for approval at the next BoD meeting.

  2. 13 Hour event: Sam Fouse presented to the BoD that we will need to start promoting the 13 Hour event much earlier next year, especially to the Chump and Lemons drivers. It was noted that traditional e-mail blasts are not necessarily finding their way to these drivers as many of them are not SCCA members on our contacts list. Sam suggests that we look at a possible print ad as a way to reach these drivers as well as social media. There were also discussions on holding a shorter race within the 13 Hour event that would end before night. It was decided that we will need to make a decision on this item at the next BoD meeting.

  3. 2015 VIR contract: There were no major concerns about next year’s contract with VIR. The deposit check is going to be sent in, and the signed contract will follow shortly.

  4. Nominations: Nominations for this year’s election have been received. The following members will be running for office. Mike Spencer and Sara Snider for Assistant RE. Steve Keadle for Treasurer. Blair Deffenbaugh, Sam Fouse, Bruce Dover, Tim Lyons, Morris Pendleton are all running for member at large.

  5. The next BoD meeting will be hosted via the internet on December 17th 2014

Motion to adjourn at 8:53 pm (Keadle/Stitt) Passed


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