BOD Minutes – May 15, 2013

Summary of the Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

May 15, 2013

Present: Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, Blair Deffenbaugh, Steve Keadle, John Lindquist, Jerry Pell, Wayne Quick, Buddy Matthews, Neil Harrison, Sam Fouse, Ginny Condrey, James Shanks, Mark Senior, Steve Rose, Heather Powers, Natasha Euliss – Uftring, John Uftring, Clayton Condrey and Josh Lyman.

1.   The NCR BoD’s monthly meeting was called to order by Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, May 15, 2013, at Carver’s on Elm Restaurant, 106 West Elm St., Graham, NC 27253 (Exit 147, I-85/40).

2.   The RE introduced guests in attendance:  Clayton Condrey, Josh Lyman, Natasha Euliss – Uftring, Heather Powers, Steve Rose, Mark Senior and John Uftring.

3.   Motion (Lindquist/B. Deffenbaugh) to approve the minutes of the April 10, 2013, NCR BoD meeting; Passed.

Financial Report:

   Steve Keadle, Treasurer, presented the BoD with a written financial report and advised the BoD that the Region’s cash position as of the end of April, 2013, was $82,000, as reflected on the Balance Sheet as of said date.    Written financial reports presented by the Treasurer are a Profit and Loss Statement, through April, 2013 (4 pages), a Balance Sheet, as of April 30, 2013 (1 page), and a Profit and Loss by Class Report, through April, 2013 (20 pages).

   Steve Rose, the Tarheel Cup Pro Series Administrator, presented the BoD a written financial report of the Series through May 10, 2013.  31 TCPS teams have registered, so far, in 2013 for the Series; there have been a total of 67 teams entered in the TCPS races this year.  Payouts to TCPS registered drivers this year are in excess of $3,470.  Steve advised the BoD of the benefits of growing the Series within the Region and in conjunction with other SCCA regions.  He suggested that at least one, and possibly two, Tarheel Cup Pro Series races be added to the Double SARRC/MARRS race weekend, in 2014, based upon the fact our total (rented) track time was not used last weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, at the 2013 Double SARRC/MARRS event.

Old Business:

   John Lindquist, Assistant RE and Comp. Board Chairman, advised the BoD that the Comp. Board had considered potentially adding a Tarheel Cup Pro Series race to the 2013 SARRC/MARRS race, but did not do so.  He also suggested that the race schedule for the 13 Hour Enduro race in 2013 should include a Tarheel Cup Pro Series race, or an ECR race or some other race in conjunction with the 13 Hour Enduro race, which shorter race could be added within the 13 Hour Euduro race, the intent being to fill up the field (entries), as the Region has not covered its costs of the 13 Hour race events for the last couple of years.

   John Lindquist also suggests that all wing classes should always be combined into one group (big and little wings) in all future NCR regional race events, as they were successfully so combined at last weekend’s Double SARRC/MARRS race event at VIR.

New Business:

1.   Refund Requests.  Two refund requests were received, after the specified cutoff date and time for withdrawing from Sunday’s races last weekend, by two racers who indicated that they did not turn a wheel in connection with their Sunday race (either qualifying or racing).  The BoD instructed Ginny Condrey to refund their entry fee less the Region’s out of pocket costs for insurance, sanction fee, etc, if the competitor “turned no wheel” on Sunday.  If, on the other hand, a wheel was turned, then Ginny should then deduct our direct out of pocket expenses and then refund only (1/2) of the remainder of their entry fee, to a driver who “turned a wheel” for the Sunday race event.

2.   Payment of Entry Fees.  Ginny Condrey advised the BoD as to some options in dealing with payment (check, cash and credit card) of race entry fees and the costs (to the Region) associated when payment is through a credit card.  Ginny advises of options available as to using different credit card companies to process payment by a credit card, the costs of each transaction and some different procedures for accepting payment, via a credit card, of a registration fee from a driver.  The BoD discussed many options as to payment methods and related costs and it was suggested that Ginny and Steve Keadle consider all options available and make a recommendation and presentation to the BoD, at the next BoD’s meeting, with reference to same.

3.   Volunteer Fund Donations.  Ginny indicated she has accumulated a significant amount of funds in volunteer worker fund donations from drivers, and she is looking to the BoD for directions as how to apply these funds for the benefit of the workers (volunteers).  The BoD discussed the various ways said funds could be used for the benefit of the workers.  Motion (Pell/Lindquist) to apply the volunteer fund donations to the cost of “worker gifts” and to advise the volunteers of the source of the gifts, i.e. driver contributions to the Region’s volunteer fund; Passed.

4.   Pace Car.  Natasha Euliss-Uftring passed on to the BoD a request from Ed Wentz, Pace Car Chairman, for some feedback from the BoD as to the pace cars being provided by Foreign Cars Italia.  The BoD is appreciative of the use of the provided pace cars by FCI, but discussed the issue of liability of the Region if one of their pace cars is damaged while being operated by a NCR pace car driver or other NCR official.  The RE will inquire of National SCCA as to our  SCCA insurance coverage with reference to property damage and our potential liability for same, with reference to our use of a pace car provided by a third party.

5.   SARRC/MARRS Notes.  Mark Senior presented the BoD his notes with reference to various matters arising from our last race at VIR, the Double SARRC/MARRS event held last weekend.  The BoD discussed the issue of the length of the races, the amount of time allotted for qualifying, the waste of track time on both Saturday and Sunday, being approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes wasted (not used) on Saturday and 1 hour and 20 minutes not used on Sunday.  Mark suggested that the Supplemental Regulations for future NCR races clearly include language which permits the race schedule to be adjusted during the weekend, to use up any anticipated unused track time, or in the alternative, to shorten, if necessary, some parts of the event (length of a  qualifying or race session) if sufficient track time is not available.  John Lindquist advised that he will discuss this “change of race schedule” matter at the next Comp. Board meeting.  The BoD will further consider these issues after the Comp. Board has first considered how best to deal with unused track time and the related issues mentioned in Mark’s notes (changing the length of race or a qualifying session during the event).  The RE will talk to the Division’s Executive Steward as to these issues and problems, arising from May’s Double SARRC/MARRS race.


1.   Chapters.

A.   Cape Fear:  No Report.

B.   Triangle Chapter:  James Shanks, Chapter Coordinator, advises that 28 people (including 4 new members) came to their last Chapter meeting, where an in car video from Steve Rose’s race car was viewed.

C.   West Chapter:  Buddy Matthews, Chapter Coordinator, advises 16 members were present at their last Chapter meeting, wherein some of the business from the previous NCR BoD meeting was discussed.

2.   Committees.

A.   Awards:  Some undistributed previous year’s annual awards were distributed by James Shanks, by his shipping same to the recipients.  There are still some undelivered awards from prior years, in storage, which recipients are encouraged to pick up when they are next at a NCR race event at VIR.  James indicated that some consideration should be given to charging our future annual awards process (program), in view of the significant cost of these awards (trophies) and the fact that unless one attends the awards banquet, the current process does not otherwise provide for presentation of an award if one is not in attendance at the banquet to receive same.

B.   Banquet:  No report.

C.   Competition Board:  John advises that the next Comp. Board meeting will be held on Sunday, June 9th at 2:00 PM at this (Carver’s on Elm Restaurant) location.

D.   SOLO:  No report.

E.   PDX/TT:  No report.

F.   Membership:  James Shanks advises that the NCR membership is now at 750, an increase from 715 last month.

G.   Publicity:  James Shanks advises that ad copy materials will be prepared in the near future for our NCR ads to appear in Grassroots Motorsports and Sportscar, promoting the Region’s Goblins Go race event and its 13 Hour Enduro race event scheduled for the Fall of 2013 at VIR.  It is intended that the ads will appear in the September and October editions of these two magazines.

   Email Blasts:  John Uftring offered to assist the RE in automating the process of taking driver email lists provided by National SCCA and inserting them into our own email blast program, to promote the Region’s Goblin Go and 13 Hour Enduro races at VIR this fall.  The RE advised that his understanding was that email addresses provided by the National SCCA office would have to be entered, one at a time, into the email blast program which our Region has, but John Uftring thinks he can help to automate this process and offered to do so for the Region.

H.   Charities:  No report, but the BoD discussed the need to better promote the “drive arounds” at lunch times at our races, at VIR, by making early each day and more frequent P.A. announcements of the availability of the drive arounds, the ability to use one’s street car for the drive arounds and that the cost is only a voluntary contribution to the Region’s specified charity for the weekend.

   Motion to adjourn (Pell/Keadle) at 9:10 PM; Passed.


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