BOD Minutes – March 20, 2013

Summary of the Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

March 20, 2013

Present:  Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, Blair Deffenbaugh, Ginny Condrey, Clayton Condrey, Jacqueline Condrey, Josh Lyman, Steve Keadle, John Lindquist, Jerry Pell, Buddy Matthews, James Shanks, Sam Fouse, Neal Harrison, Mark Senior, Wayne Quick, Steve Rose, Blair Stitt and, via telephone conference call, Eric Danielson, Heather Powers and Sara Snider.

1.   The NCR BoD’s monthly meeting was called to order by Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, at Carver’s on Elm Restaurant, 106 W. Elm St., Graham, NC 27253 (exit 147, I-85/40).

2.   The RE introduced guests in attendance: Clayton Condrey, Jacqueline Condrey, Josh Lyman, Mark Senior, Steve Rose and Blair Stitt.

3.   Motion (Lindquist/B. Deffenbaugh) to approve the Minutes of the February 20, 2013, NCR BoD meeting, with one correction; Passed.

Financial Report:

Steve Keadle, Treasurer, advised the Board that there were no NCR race events in February.  The Treasurer’s written financial report for the month is attached, being a Balance Sheet as of 2/28/13 and a Profit & Loss report for the period 1/1/13 through 2/28/13.  The Region has approximately $99,000.00 in cash in the bank as of February 28, 2013.

Old Business:

1.   Registration Site.  Ginny requested feedback from the racers and the other attendees, at the March race event, as to their opinion of the workability of using the Synergy building for registration.  As to the registration process in March, there were some problems with the function of the credit card machine in charging at the Synergy building.  The Board was advised that the people registering could use the warehouse area in the Synergy building, when the crowd was large, as a waiting area for registration.  This waiting area will be especially useful in bad weather.  The consensus of the Board is to use the Synergy building as the registration site for the Double National race at VIR in April, which event is a 3 day event and will require, potentially, our renting the facility for an additional day.

2.   Worker Camping.  Ginny advises that Tommy Webb, of VIR, has advised the Region that there will be no more free electrical power for workers who camp, after the March 2013 race event.  Camping would still be free to our workers, but power will be charged.  Ginny is developing a list of workers who may be camping.  Eric estimates that about 5 of the worker-campers use power.  Mark Senior confirms that VIR will be charging for power used by worker-campers after March.  The Region is attempting to generate a list of names, to be delivered to the VIR gate entry building, identifying our workers, in order to facilitate their entry into VIR.

New Business:

1.   TCPS Race Start.  Blair Deffenbaugh advised that at the last race in March that the TCPS race on Saturday began under unacceptable conditions, that may have been attributable to race Control being in a hurry to start the TCPS race, in an effort to avoid overtime charges for using the track after 5:30 p.m. on Saturday.  Blair advises that he met with the Operating Steward, Morris Pendlington, and also talked with the pace car driver and others.  The issue was that Control apparently called for the five minute warning, but this five minute call was not heard by Grid and Grid made no response to the 5 minute call, from Control.  Then Control made a one and go call, to which Grid asked for some additional time, as some drivers were not ready, as apparently no one in Grid had heard the 5 minute call.  Control disregarded the Chief of Grid, Clayton Condrey’s request for a short delay.  Eric Danielson was in race Control and overheard the conversation with Grid in requesting a short delay.  Eric confirmed that the 5 minute warning was not confirmed by Grid and that when it became a one and go and Grid asked for an extension, that Control did not cooperate with this request and insisted that the one minute warning remain in effect. The tower (Control), Eric advises, did not know at the time that Grid had not received the 5 minute warning, from Control.  The Board discussed this situation and advises that its position is that the Grid Chief has final authority to hold the field until he feels that it is safe to let them leave, even if Control will not grant a requested extension.  The Board points out that when a safety issue is apparent to the Grid Chief, that he must exercise his ultimate authority in the best interest of safety first.  Wayne Quick advises that there is a meeting this coming Saturday of the Stewards of the Southeast Division.  Wayne says he will inquire at the Stewards meeting as to their wishes or position as to how to handle this type of situation, if it should arise in the future.  In summary, the Board is in full support of the authority of the Grid Chief to make the final call as to when to safely release the cars from Grid, despite any refusal to grant an Extension, by Control, of the one minute warning of the start of the race process.

2.   Sound.  Wayne advises that the gate that allows the operator of the Region’s sound equipment to access the track and initialize the sound equipment, via the gate, needs to be open by 8 a.m., i.e. 30 minutes before green track, which is what the Region has requested.  VIR did not open the gate at 8 a.m. (30 minutes prior to green track) to allow sound to set up the sound control equipment.  This same issue, as to opening the necessary gate(s) at 8 a.m. (30 minutes prior to green track) is an issue as well for some corner workers, who need sufficient time to get on their station.  Mark Senior indicated that he will talk with Kerrigan Smith about the importance of getting the gates opened at 8 a.m. (30 minutes prior to green track), to avoid delaying the start of our race program for the day.  Eric Danielson advises that the flag meeting is approximately 1 hour before “green” track.  James Shanks advised of his problem with getting to his assigned corner station, when the appropriate gate was not opened by 8 a.m., i.e. 30 minutes before “green” track.

3.   Scales Building Report.  Sam Fouse inspected the Region’s scales building at VIR and met with a representative of VIR, as to an evaluation of the condition of the scales building.  The problem is primarily related to the siding and roof of the scales building.  The siding on the east and south faces of the scales building is shrinking, warping and coming off.  The cedar shake roof also appears to be aging and the shakes, that were originally used, may not have been the type that were used on other buildings at VIR.  The siding on the scale building is not cedar, but is rough sawed pine siding.  The original siding was not properly attached.  It is necessary that the defective siding be removed, the walls crossblocked and new exterior siding installed, correctly.  Sam Fouse prepared a written report, a copy of which is included with these Minutes, as to his inspection, conclusions, recommendations and some estimated costs of repair.  Additional analysis and cost estimates are needed and will be obtained and the Board will then consider authorizing corrective action, particularly as to the siding.

4.   Refund Requests.  A driver’s car entered in the Tarheel Cup Pro Series race on Saturday, in March, broke during practice and he was unable to enter Saturday’s race and is requesting consideration of a refund.  The Board considered the fact that the driver had participated in part of the Saturday event (practice and qualifying) and that a $75.00 credit seems appropriate, considering the fixed costs of the TCPS prize fund, insurance costs and sanction fee.  Motion (Pell/Keadle) to give the driver a $75.00 credit against his next entry fee at VIR for an NCR race event; Passed.

5.   Radios.  Eric Danielson advised of the results of a radio test at VIR, as to an issue of some static.  The Region’s radios have been reprogrammed and some new radios, and related equipment, are needed for the Double National race in April, programmed for the appropriate frequencies.  Additionally, some extra batteries are needed for the new type of radios (CP200).  A new base station and a power supply are also needed.  After rebate, taxes, etc., the gross cost of all the needed radios and related equipment is $4,293.00, which amount is within the amount budgeted, in the current Region’s budget, for radios, etc.  The RE advised Eric to proceed to acquire the needed radio equipment, which he has designated as being needed.


1.   Chapters.

A.   Cape Fear Chapter:  No report

B.   Triangle Chapter:  24 people attended the last Triangle Chapter meeting.  No in car video was viewed.  A Motorsports writer attended the Chapter meeting. 

C.    West Chapter:  17 people attended the meeting.  There was a report given as to the business conducted at the last NCR BoD Meeting.   

2.   Committees.

A.   Membership: The current NCR membership is approximately 715.

B.   Competition Board:  John Lindquist advises that the Comp. Board will have a Comp. Board meeting, via conference call, about March’s event and will receive feedback and debriefing as to the event.  The deadline for obtaining the sanction number for May’s race event at VIR is next week.  John advises that 7 visitors came to VIR in March as a result of their attending the Greensboro Car Show and visiting the SCCA-NCR booth at said car show.  John asked about obtaining extra copies of SportsCar Magazine and Ginny said extra copies are available.

C.   SOLO:  No report.  The Board was advised, however, that the next SOLO event is March 30, 2013, at Cherry Point, which SOLO event includes a test and tune and a novice school, as part of the 1 day SOLO event on Saturday.

D.   PDX/Time Trial: No report.

E.   Publicity:  James Shanks reports that the Region’s advertising is on schedule, with reference to our ads coming out in SportsCar.  The Region’s October races (schedule) at VIR will be added to the advertising copy to appear in future issues of Grassroots Motorsports. 

F.   Charity:  The Diabetes Association was the designated charity for the March race event and $104.00 was raised for said charity in March.

G.   Banquet:  No Chairperson has yet been designated for the annual banquet, to be held in January, 2014.

H.   Awards:  James Shanks advises that some of the annual awards were given out at the March race, but that he still has some awards to be given out at a later time, or they will be mailed to the recipients of the awards.

Motion (Keadle/B. Deffenbaugh) to adjourn at 9:12 pm; Passed


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