BOD Minutes – June 18, 2014

Summary of Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
June 18, 2014

Present: Buddy Matthews, Sam Fouse, Blair Stitt, James Shanks, John Lindquist, Annie Lindquist, Ginny Condrey, Kevin Condrey, Steve Keadle, Steve Rose, Rex Deffenbaugh, Bruce Dover, and via conference call, Blair Deffenbaugh.

  1. The NCR BoD meeting was called to order by Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, at 7:30 pm, on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 at Pipers Deli, 3219 Old Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, NC 27707.
  2. The RE introduced guests in attendance: Ginny Condrey, Kevin Condrey, Annie Lindquist, and Bruce Dover.
  3. Motion (Shanks/Lindquist) to approve the Minutes of May 21st 2014 (passed) as amended for correction per Sam Fouse.

Financial Report: Treasurer, Steve Keadle, reported to the BoD that we currently have approximately $92,000 in the bank. Everything so far this year is under budget.


  1. Chapters
    1. Cape Fear: No report
    2. Triangle: James Shanks reported that 18 members attended the last Chapter meeting. Mark Senior reported at the meeting about the upcoming THSCC/SCCA event to be held at VIR later this year. Video was shown for all to enjoy by driver Chuck Hines, and the Chapter heard about Rex Deffenbaugh’s latest venture in Road Rally navigating for Randy Deaton. Also noted at the meeting were reasons why SCCA opted out of Rally along with the upcoming NCR Picnic. Steve Keadle put out the idea of getting folks to bring out their hot rods to the event.
    3. West: Buddy Matthews reported that 7 members attended the last Chapter meeting. Buddy reported about the last BoD meeting, along with the need for a better phone system for the Region to use. Also discussed at the meeting were some new rules for the Club along with some new tools that will be used in tech to check for compliance.
  2. Committees:
  3. Membership: James Shanks reported we currently have 799 members in the Region. It was reported that the Solo programs membership drive helped us gain approximately 9 new members. James also discussed correspondence from Rick Meyers who suggests that perhaps Regions aren’t engaging new members as much as they should. Rick suggests that Regions telephone new members directly, and get them involved with the Club right away.
  4. Competition Board: John Lindquist reported that the Region has not determined who the race chair will be for the Goblins Go event. It was reported that this will be the same weekend as we had last year, hosting a single SARRC, double ECR, and single TCPS. Blair Stitt brought to the BoD attention that we were approved for a double SARRC for this October event since we had lost our March race this year. The BoD agreed to see if it would be possible to do a “Triple Double” weekend. This would include a double SARRC (possible MARRS), and a Double ECR with a double TCPS to be run concurrently with the ECRs. Steve Rose and Heather Powers are to work on a race schedule to see if these races can fit into a two day weekend. Last, John discussed the new rule that states no drones are to be flown on track property.
  5. Solo: No report.
  6. PDX/TT: No report.
  7. Charities: No report.
  8. Banquet: Steve Keadle reported that the BoD needs to set a budget for the banquet this year. Motion (Stitt/Fouse) to set the banquet budget to $4000 (passed)
  9. Awards: No report

Old Business:

1.      Power Pedestal: It was reported by Ginny Condrey that the insurance company who covered one of our entrants that damaged VIR property, has reimbursed the Region for the costs paid to VIR for said damage. At this point, there should be no issues with this entrant returning to the track, or one of our events.

2.      Credit Card Fees: Ginny addressed the BoD about using DLB as a registration tool. She has used it in the past, but finds that MSR is a better system and is easier to use. However, DLB is cheaper for the Region. There was discussion amongst the BoD about using credit card readers at Registration, and not taking credit cards online. Rex discussed an e-mail sent by Heather Powers, as she was not able to attend the meeting. Heather suggests that we need to work with the Solo program on this issue. They are having the same problem, and we are currently looking for two solutions. She suggests we work with them, that perhaps we can find a common solution that will keep the Region from paying such high fees.

New Business:

1.      NCCAR: Steve Keadle spoke about another club using the NCCAR track for an event and wanting some of our volunteers to work the event. Questions were raised about insurance and equipment and if this club has either. It was decided that we will make contact with this club to find out exactly what their intentions are before we commit to anything.

2.      Entry Fees: John Lindquist reported the Entry Fee Committee will need to have another meeting to discuss future entry fees. There is a lot of data that needs to be further analyzed before a recommendation on entry fees can be determined.

3.      Hospitality: Rex Deffenbaugh suggested to the BoD that perhaps the food responsibility needs to be pulled from the Race Chair position and should be a separate job. The BoD agreed it was a good idea.

4.      Mid-Year Meeting: Rex Deffenbaugh announced that he will not be able to attend the mid-year meeting and has appointed assistant RE, John Lindquist, to go in his place as acting RE. Motion (Keadle/Shanks) to pay for all of John Lindquist’s expenses for this trip including airfare, hotel, and meals. (passed)

5.      Phone System: Motion (Rose/Stitt) to reimburse Rex Deffenbaugh for recently purchased phone system. (passed)

6.      Next BoD meeting: The July BoD meeting will be held in the same location.

Motion to adjourn at 9:10 pm (Keadle/Lindquist) passed.


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