BOD Minutes – June 15, 2011

Summary of Minutes of NCR-SCCA
Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

June 15, 2011

PRESENT:  Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, Wayne Quick, John Lindquist, Annie Lindquist, Vern Harrison, Kevin Condrey, Clayton Condrey, James Shanks, Jerry Pell, Ron Gentry, Steve Keadle, Heather Powers and, via telephone, Sarah Snider and Bruce Dover.

1.       The NCR BoD’s monthly meeting was called to order by Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, at 7:36 p.m., on Wednesday, June 15, 2011, at Carver’s on Elm Restaurant, 106 West Elm Street, Graham, NC  27253 (Exit 147, I-85/40).

2.       The RE introduced the guests in attendance:  Annie Lindquist, Clayton Condrey and Kevin Condrey.

3.       Motion (Shanks/Gentry) to approve the Minutes of the NCR’s Board of Directors Meeting of May 18, 2011; Passed.


          Treasurer, Steve Keadle, reported that the Region has approximately $140,000.00 on deposit as of the end of May, 2011.  The Region’s Profit and Loss Statement for the month of May indicates a potential loss of about $6,400.00.

          The Treasurer presented a written Profit and Loss Statement (copy attached to these minutes) for the period January through May, 2011, indicating that gross revenue is down from the anticipated revenue for said period (January thru May), as projected in the 2011 budget, as adopted by the NCR BoD.  The actual Profit and Loss (cash flow) through May, 2011, however, is still positive.  As a footnote, the Treasurer advises that there is still about $17,000.00 of unpaid invoices arising from the Region’s race event held at VIR in May, which when paid will reduce the net profit (cash flow) for said period.

          Heather Powers requested that the Treasurer provide to the BoD a written P & L Report for each race event held so far in 2011, which P & L Report by event, she requested, be available by the next (July) monthly BoD’s meeting.  Said P & L report, per event, will be of substantial assistance to the Comp. Board’s decision making process, i.e. as to establishing future entry fees and future event budgets for the NCR’s future race events.


1.  NCR/CCR Race Event at CMS.  The BoD was advised that it has yet to received from Mr. Eckerich, the RE of CCR, either the proposed CMS race schedule for August, 2011, nor the proposed Supp. Regulations for said event, which two documents Mr. Keadle advises were to have been provided to the NCR by June 7th.  The RE requested that an immediate follow up contact be made to obtain this information from Mr. Eckerich.

2.  Catering Costs.  The BoD discussed in detail the invoices received from VIR for catering costs for the Region’s three race events held to date, in 2011, at VIR.  The BoD discussed the substantial increase in the catering costs for the first three events and the resulting effective reduction in availability of funds for catering, based upon the NCR’s budget for same, to cover the catering costs for the Region’s remaining two race events at VIR, in the fall of 2011.  The BoD discussed the process by which the Region’s Race Chairs contract for food (catering) from VIR, for the Region’s races at VIR.

3.  Identification of Members of the NCR BoD at NC Region’s Races.  The BoD discussed the possible methods to use to identify the Members of the Region’s BoD, at the Region’s races, to facilitate communications between participates and the spectators, at the race events, with the Members of the NCR’s BoD.  Hats, t-shirts and badges were suggested as possible methods of identification.  The BoD selected the badge as the best method for the Members of the NCR’s BoD to be identified to the membership and the public at future NCR’s races.

4.  Website.  The BoD discussed some concerns about the content of the Region’s website.  Bruce Dover agreed to act as “Editor” for posting of information on the Region’s website.  Information for posting on the Region’s website can be submitted through Bruce at: [email protected].  It would be best to use a “Word” format in submitting document(s), for posting, to the Editor.  It was pointed out that Mr. Ing has sent out emails on how to post information to the Region’s website, for those authorized to do so.

5.  Advertising Commercial.  John Lindquist suggested the possibility of the Region creating a short video, for the NCR, to be used to promote the NCR’s races at VIR.  The BoD took no formal action on this suggestion.


1.  MARRS Fees.  The BoD continued its discussion of the $50.00 MARRS fee being requested of the Region for each MARRS car entered in May’s (2011) race; the BoD directed that $25 be sent for each MARRS car entry at May’s (2011) race, same being the amount previously invoiced last year (2010), per MARRS car.  It was pointed out that there was no advance notice from MARRS to the NCR as to MARRS increasing (doubling) the MARRS fee, which failure of notification prevented the NCR from factoring this additional cost (extra $25.00 per car) into the entry fee being charged to the MARRS entries.  As the May race event was probably, at best, just a break even event, this significant, after the fact, increase in this cost item would, if paid, cause the May event to loose money.

2.  VIR Kerbing Issue.  The BoD reviewed the content of a letter from VIR to all VIR track renters, dated June 9, 2011, with reference to VIR’s enforcement of its prohibition of intentionally dropping two or more wheels off or over the concrete kerbing at VIR.  The BoD, by Motion, authorized including in the NCR’s Supp. Regulations, for its races at VIR, appropriate language giving all drivers and entrants “Notice” of VIR’s policies and penalties as to such kerbing violation(s).

3.  EMRA and ARMS Licenses Approval.  The BoD was advised that National SCCA now recognizes EMRA and ARMS competition licenses for all SCCA Regional racing events.

4.  Pace Car Issue.  The BoD discussed the fact that VIR is no longer (in 2011) providing a pace car, thus the Region has been providing same this year.  The BoD is hopeful that a North Carolina Region member will provide (lend) a vehicle for use as the Pace Car at future NCR race events at VIR.  The consensus of the BoD is that the Region will pay for fuel used by the volunteered Pace Car, for all the track mileage incurred during the NCR race weekend by said Pace Car.


1.       Chapters

          A.  Cape Fear Chapter.  No Report.

          B.  Triangle Chapter.  James Shanks, Triangle Chapter Coordinator, advises that 18 people attended their last Triangle Chapter meeting, including one new attendee, who indicated a desire to be active in SCCA activities.

          C.  West Chapter.  John Lindquist, West Chapter Coordinator, advises that approximately 19 people attended the last West Chapter meeting; the membership discussed some of the business agenda items from the previous NCR’s BoD meeting.

2.  Committees:

          A.  Awards Committee.  No Report

          B.  Banquet Committee.  The Banquet Chairman requests that a budget amount be established for the next banquet (2012 in Raleigh) and would also appreciate obtaining the banquet information book, put together by the Triad Chapter, regarding the banquet process, during the time that the banquet was held in Raleigh; the Chairman requests that this banquet book be obtained back from the Cape Fear Chapter, who obtained it from the Triad Chapter, when the banquet moved to Wilmington, about 3 years ago, from Raleigh.

          C.  Competition Board.  Sara Snider, Assistant RE, and Chairman of the Comp. Board, advises she has no formal report, but the Comp. Board will be adjusting the Supps. to reflect the VIR kerbing rule/penalty.

          D.  Solo.  No Report

          E.  PDX/TT.  No Report.

          F.  Membership.  James Shanks, Membership Chairman, advises that the Region’s membership is steady at approximately 795, but will, traditionally, increase to about 800 this fall.  

          G.  Publicity.  No Report.

          H.  Charities.  No Report.

Additional Business.  The BoD was advised of an email sent by Moe Overstreet, to the BoD, as to a yellow flag situation.  The RE suggested that a copy of said email be forwarded to the NCR Competition Board and to the DA of the Southeast Division, SCCA.

Sara’s request for a closed meeting of the BoD to discuss a personnel matter was declined by the RE because of the late hour and lack of sufficient time to now consider the matter.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 p.m.; Passed.


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