BOD Minutes – July 17, 2013

Summary of the Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
July 17, 2013

Present:  Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, Steve Keadle, John Lindquist, Buddy Matthews, Jerry Pell, Neil Harrison, James Shanks, Sam Fouse, Ginny Condrey, Bruce Dover, Dwight Cook, Kevin Condrey, Andrew Gordon and, via conference call, Blair Deffenbaugh.

1.   The NCR BoD meeting was called to order by Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, at 7:35 PM on Wednesday, July 17, 2013, at Carver’s on Elm Restaurant, 106 West Elm St., Graham, NC 27253 (Exit 147, I-85/40).

2.   The RE introduced guests in attendance:  Bruce Dover, Dwight Cook, Kevin Condrey and Andrew Gordon.

3.   Motion (Lindquist/Harrison) to approve the minutes of the June 19, 2013 NCR BoD Meeting; Passed.

Financial Report:

   Steve Keadle, Treasurer, advised the BoD that the Region as of the end of June had approximately $93,000.00 cash in the bank.  Through June, net income for the year is negative $7,000.  The substantial cost of repairs to the VIR scales room was not included in the original budget for the year.  The profit and loss statement includes those incurred repair costs.  The Treasurer also presented a 1 page Balance Sheet with Previous Year Comparison, a copy of which is attached to these minutes.

Old Business:

1.   VIR letter.  In reference to the VIR letter discussed at June’s BoD meeting, the BoD tabled further discussion of that matter until its next BoD meeting.

2.   Community College sponsorship.  With reference to a potential program to sponsor some aspect of “auto tech” programs at local community colleges, so as to introduce the auto tech students to SCCA, it was suggested that Patrick Pardee, the son of Dwight Pardee, a long time SCCA member, be contacted, as Patrick is an instructor at Randolph Community College.

3.   Email database update.  Sam Fouse advises that he has spoken with Rick Meyers at SCCA as to obtaining an email list, from the membership office at SCCA, for use by our Region in sending email blasts of our race events.  Sam advises that an email list can be obtained from the membership office at SCCA by a written request signed by the RE of the Region, which list also identifies those SCCA members who are also drivers; further these email lists are available for multiple SCCA regions, and may be specified by the request from the RE.

4.   TCPS classes.  Eligible classes to run in the TCPS race at the Goblin Go event in October, 2013, are being expanded to include the GT3 and SPU class, but not GT2 class; these two classes are being added to the existing TCPS race classes that are presently approved to run in the TCPS races.

5.   Membership picnic.  Buddy Matthews advises that he has done some research about a location in the Chapel Hill area, at Stony Brook Farms, as a potential site for the picnic, but the cost of this facility is substantial.  Buddy advises, however, that the Guilford County Parks Department has a few picnic/park facilities which are available, at a very reasonable cost, that may be rented for a Region picnic.  Particularly the North East Park in Guilford County has openings in September, 2013.  Buddy will attempt to secure a reservation at the Guilford County North East Park for the 28th of September for a Region picnic.

New Business:

1.   Cost control-food.  The BoD discussed the food costs incurred in prior years and so far this year for our race events at VIR.  It appears that this year we will exceed our food budget, for the year, based on the projected food costs for our last two race events.  As this item was put on the agenda by Wayne Quick, who could not be present at this meeting, a further discussion of this matter will be held at the next monthly BoD meeting.

2.   13-hour/New Jersey enduro.  John Lindquist advises that he spoke with Terry, the individual that is in charge of the NJ 12 hour enduro race, being put on jointly by two New Jersey regions, known as the “Devil in the Dark” enduro.  The BoD discussed the various issues involved in attempting to link the two enduro races (North Carolina and New Jersey) and the BoD decided that it was not possible to do anything in 2013, in terms of a combined enduro series with the New Jersey enduro race.

3.   Scales room repairs.  In the process of residing of the Region’s scales room at VIR, fascia boards had to be removed and some roof shingles (shakes), which were nailed to the fascia boards, were, by necessity, removed.  The RE advised of a letter he received, along with pictures, from VIR, which indicated some issues with the repairs relating to the roof to the scales room, including the use of a foam product to repair leaks in the roof in the scales room.  The RE will send to Buddy and Sam a copy of the VIR letter and the pictures to the building, so they can review same prior to the Region responding to the issues in reference to the repairs made and the condition of the roof.

4.   SEDiv mid-year meeting in Atlanta.  The one day mid-year meeting in Atlanta involves incurring a substantial cost in time and gasoline in sending the RE to the meeting.  Motion (Matthews/Harrison) that the Region pay the airfare for a round trip ticket and a one night motel room with reference to the RE’s expense incurred in attending the SEDiv mid-year meeting in Atlanta; Passed.

5.   Reimbursement of fuel costs.  Buddy Matthews advised the BoD of the substantial amount of fuel costs incurred by the Region’s members who volunteered their time to assist with the major repairs made to the scales room.  Dwight Cook, Buddy Matthews, Steve Martin and Jerry Pell volunteered time, particularly Buddy and Dwight, who came up to VIR many days to work on the major repairs recently completed to the Region’s scales room at VIR.  Motion (Shanks/Keadle) that the Region reimburse said members for the cost of gasoline used by these individuals in traveling to VIR, to work on the scales room, upon a request from these individuals for reimbursement of their own out of pocket gasoline expenses; Passed.


1.   Chapters.

A.   Cape Fear Chapter:  No report.

B.   Triangle Chapter:  19 people attended the last Triangle Chapter meeting.  James Shanks, Chapter Coordinator, advised that the members viewed in-car video of Blair Deffenbaugh and Steve Rose driving at a recent SCCA regional race event.

C.   West Chapter:  Buddy Matthews, Chapter Coordinator, advised that 14 people attended their last chapter meeting, wherein the membership discussed the community college sponsorship idea being evolved by the BoD.  At the chapter meeting it was pointed out that Patrick Pardee is an instructor at one of the local community colleges.  The membership also discussed the proposed Region picnic, and the chapter members were strongly in favor of such an event.

2.   Committees.

A.   Awards:  No report

B.   Banquet:  Neil Harrison indicated that his wife may accept the Banquet Chairperson position for the 2013 banquet, to be held in January, 2014.

C.   Competition Board:  John Lindquist advises the Supplemental Regulations (Supps.) for the 2013 Goblin Go race have been approved.  The Supps. for the 13 hour enduro race includes reference to “readable” car numbers.  Buddy Matthews requested that any drivers making inquiries as to the issue of “readable” car numbers be directed to Buddy for guidance in meeting the requirements for car numbers, especially as to the nighttime portion of the race event.  The BoD discussed using additional space for pits, along the pit road, in an area beyond the normal pit area which has previously been used during enduro race events; the new area is beyond the start tower.  The BoD discussed proceeding with working with the appropriate officials at VIR and the race specialties involved, in using the additional pit area during the 13 Hour Enduro race in 2013, to accommodate the race teams.  Ginny indicated she will mail out the proposed Supps. for the 13 Hour event to the members of the BoD, to see if anyone on the BoD has objections, if not, Ginny will request a race sanction number from SCCA, based on said Supps.

D.   SOLO:  No report.

E.   PDX/TT:  No report.

F.   Membership:  James Shanks advised that the Region’s membership is now approximately 725, but anticipates it increasing in the fall.

G.   Scales Rental:  Buddy Matthews inquired of the BoD as to firm guidelines, going forward, as to the rental rate to be charged to other race groups who wish to rent the Region’s scales at VIR.  The BoD indicated that the rate should remain at $300.00 per day, as the minimum scales rental rate.  The BoD also discussed a potential need to change the lock on the control box to the Region’s scales at VIR, as Buddy has indicated some concerns of potential unauthorized use of the scales by other race organizations.

H.   Publicity: James Shanks showed the BoD a copy of an ad which will appear in the next issue of Grassroots Motorsports.  Following that issue, another ad will appear in Grassroots Motorsports’ next issue, which will promote just the Region’s 13 Hour Enduro race in October, 2013.  Based on publication dates, only one ad will be in Sports Car to cover both the 2013 Goblin Go and 13 Hour enduro races, because of the dates of publication and distribution of this magazine.  James also advises that a request through our Facebook site for race pictures, for use in the Region’s advertising of our 13 Hour enduro event, produced some good pictures of race cars participating in prior events.  Ginny will send James some race information on the 13 Hour race event, which information will help in filling out the ad copy for said race.

I.   Charities:  No report.

   Motion to adjourn (Pell/Keadle) at 9:15 PM; Passed.


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