BoD Minutes – July 15, 2015

Summary of Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
July 15, 2015

Present: Sam Fouse, Mike Spencer, Steve Keadle, Buddy Matthews, Blair Stitt, Rex Deffenbaugh, James Shanks, Heather Powers (acting secretary), Mark Senior, Phyllis Matthews, Bruce Dover, via conference call: Blair Deffenbaugh, and Eric Danielson.

1.      The NCR BoD meeting was called to order by Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, at 7:30 pm, on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 at Pipers Deli, 3219 Old Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, NC, 27707.

2.      The RE introduced guests in attendance, Mark Senior, Phyllis Matthews, and Eric Danielson.

3.      Motion (Spencer/Shanks) to approve the minutes of June 2015. Passed

Financial Report: It is noted that Treasurer Steve Keadle will now be doing the bookkeeping for NCR. It was reported that NCR currently holds $91,000 in the Regions accounts and $18,500 in the Solo account. Net income year to date is $30,187. No formal financial statement was provided.


1.      Chapters

a.       Cape Fear: No Report

b.      Triangle: James Shanks reported that 8 members attended the last Chapter meeting. James also reported on his history project and that he has been receiving old Bulletins which are being scanned for electronic record.

c.       West: No chapter meeting in July.

2.      Committees

a.       Membership: James Shanks reported that we currently have 745 members in the NCR. James is also asking the membership for old Bulletins for his Region history project, from 1989 and earlier.

b.      Competition Board: Mike Spencer reported that he is currently working on the Code 35 procedures for the supplemental regulations and that he also needs clarification on which group the production festival would be for the Goblins Go weekend. Mike did state that the ECR/TCPS would be group 2 for this event.

c.       Solo: No report.

d.      PDX/TT: No report.

e.       Publicity: Bruce Dover reported that an e-mail had been sent out on 8/13/15

f.        Charities: No report.

g.       Banquet: No report.

h.       Awards: No report

Old Business:

1.      Trophies: Mark Senior and Eric Danielson have been informed by the BoD for their wish to upgrade trophies for the remainder of the 2015 season. It was decided by the BoD that it will be okay to exceed the budget to return to photograph type trophies for the Goblins Go and 13 hour events. RE has asked that Sara Snider (Race Chair) be involved in what format will be chosen for the 13 hour event. There would also be a possible team photo for the 13 hour event, and it will need to be communicated to the teams as to how photos will be taken if this is possible. It is noted that there should be a conversation with F&S as to the possibilities of doing this.

2.      2016 Schedule: Due to SARRC rules, the Region will need to drop some races from its schedule in 2016. The BoD has decided to drop the March event to a single while trying to keep both October and May as double events. Rex is to confirm this with SEDiv.

New Business:

1.      Region Directory: Our Charter indicated that we publish a member list. James Shanks indicated that he can produce a spreadsheet with all necessary membership info, and that can be e-mailed, or printed and requested as needed. It was also mentioned that a possible distribution point could be the annual awards banquet. There was some concern about website availability as non-members would have access to this information. This will be a budget item for 2016.

2.      Sanction Fees: It is noted that we need to review how sanction fees work. In October for example, will we pay six separate fees, or will we pay a single fee for the entire weekend?

3.      Supps: Mike Spencer reported that for the 13 hour event this October, all closed wheel classes will be eligible for participation including: GT, Prod, Super Prod, Super Touring, etc. It was also noted that we need to make contact with Kerrigan Smith as to our lighting issue with the Start stand. There will need to be illumination on the stand so flags will be visible at night. Also noted are updates to the Supps with regards to curbing. There needs to be clarity as to what is acceptable such as, in the dirt is not acceptable, on the pavement is acceptable. Last, there will need to be an update to the fees on both the Supps and entry form as they do not currently match. They need to read $195 SARRC, $195 TCPS, and $250 ECR.

4.      Mid-Year Meeting: Rex was not able to attend the Mid-Year Meeting this year. He had submitted a schedule with amendments as noted above.

Motion to adjourn at 9:00 pm (Keadle/Stitt) Passed


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