BOD Minutes – January 21, 2015

Summary of Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Minutes
January 21, 2015

Present: John Lindquist, Rex Deffenbaugh, Mark Senior, Blair Stitt, Heather Powers, Buddy Matthews, Sam Fouse, Steve Keadle, Steve Rose, James Shanks, Mike Spencer, Ginny Condrey, Bruce Dover, and via conference call, Blair Deffenbaugh.

1.      The NCR BoD meeting was called to order by Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, at 7:30 pm, on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 at Pipers Deli, 3219 Old Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, NC, 27707.

2.      The RE introduced guests in attendance, John Lindquist, Mark Senior, and Bruce Dover.

3.      Motion (Shanks/Spencer) to approve the Minutes of December 17th, 2014. Passed.

Financial Report: Treasurer Steve Keadle reported that NCR had a total income for 2014 of $328,453.00. It was noted that Solo was in the black for $1400 for the year and many budget items were also under what was allocated. In total, NCR had a positive net income for 2014. It was reported that every race weekend made money this year with the exception of the 13 hour event which lost money. Steve had previously given the BoD two budget options for 2015, option one would have the Region make money and option two would have us break even. Motion (Keadle/Fouse) to use budget option one that would make the Region a small income. Passed


1.      Chapters

a.       Cape Fear: No report

b.      Triangle: No report

c.       West: No report

2.      Committees

a.       Membership: James Shanks reported we currently hold 767 members in the NCR. This number is higher than it was in years past. James also reported on a member who will soon be celebrating their 45 year anniversary as a member. James indicated that he will make contact with this member on behalf of the Region to extend our congratulations.

b.      Competition Board: Newly elected Assistant RE, Mike Spencer, reported that the supplemental regulations for our March, April, and May races are all ready to go. It was reported that there should be no major changes at this point, and the Comp Board has no meeting scheduled until after March.

c.       Solo: No report.

d.      PDX/TT: Mark Senior used this time to remind the BoD that we have a meeting scheduled with VIR management on January 29th, 2015 at this location, Pipers Deli. Mark would like any concerns or items to be brought up at this meeting to be forwarded to him if not attending.

e.       Publicity: Bruce Dover reported that 3 separate e-mails have gone out recently. One was the 2015 schedule, another was about the election results, and last, an e-mail containing a Banquet report.

f.       Charities: No Report

g.      Banquet: Noted was a huge thank-you to everyone who helped in making our annual banquet a success. Special thanks to Elizabeth Severt, John Byers, and the Cape Fear Chapter.

h.      Awards: No report

Old Business:

1.      SARRC at Summit Point: Steve Keadle reported that Jim Creighton said it looked good for us to host a SARRC race at Summit Point in 2015. The date for the race would be June 20th and 21st 2015. We will know more after the end of year meeting which takes place the last weekend in January. As of now, there are no conflicts in the schedule, but will need final approval from the SARRC committee.

2.      TV show: Recent discussions have been had about a deal our Region has been offered to produce a TV show that would depict SCCA racing. This has been discussed at previous BoD meetings, and it has been decided that we simply do not have enough information to make any decision other than to pass on this opportunity at for now.

New Business:

1.      Race Names for 2015: Ginny Condrey reported that she will need an accurate list of race names for 2015. Rex has agreed to distribute this list to all BoD members. There was a motion (Stitt/B. Deffenbaugh) to change the wording for the 13 hour race to be listed on the SEDIV website to 13hr/8hr Halloween Day/Night enduro. Passed 5-3

2.      TCPS rules: Steve Rose reported rules changes for TCPS racing in 2015. The changes to the rules will be that the series no longer provides driver payouts, there will be no payment made to the series, points will follow SEDIV SARRC points, and drivers will need to participate in at least half of the scheduled races to be eligible for year end championship trophies. The Region will also provide TCPS as a line item in the budget allowing reasonable administrator reimbursement for expenses as well as covering the cost of year end trophies. The end result of this will also be a lower entry fee for the series. After some adjustments to some of the wording in the rules there was a motion (Rose/Stitt) to approve the amended TCPS rules for 2015. Passed

3.      ITE Rules Change: Buddy Matthews reported a rules change for ITE that there is now an open tire rule allowed for the class

4.      March Race Schedule: Ginny reported that there are two time schedules for the March race at VIR. Schedule one has SRF and SM in the same group while schedule two has them separated but will run us into overtime with track rental. The BoD agreed that overtime would not be an issue and it would be better for these classes to be separated.

5.      Marketing: John Lindquist reported on his research about TV ads in the Greensboro/Winston area along with production costs and actual air time costs. The station John had looked at in particular was WXII 12 in Winston-Salem. The cost to actually film a commercial can range from $350-$700. After this is done, there are several “packages” the Region could purchase to show the commercial on television. One example given was 30 “spots” at a cost of $6000. There would be several choices of when the commercial would be shown such as during the type of program as well as the time of day. The BoD agreed we will need to take a close look at this to possibly promote the NCR-SCCA. There was question of VIR and SCCA possibly helping with the cost as both would benefit from this type of advertising.

6.      Car Show: Buddy Matthews reported on the upcoming car show in Greensboro February 20th and 21st. There will be a NCR booth set up as in years past to help promote the Club. Buddy asks if any interested parties would like to have their race car on display, to make contact with him as soon as possible. The cost for the booth rental will be approximately $400.

7.      Conventions: Ginny asked the BoD for an idea of who would be attending which conventions for reimbursements. Attending the SEDIV convention will be the following: Blair Stitt, Buddy Matthews, Rex Deffenbaugh, Rusty Matthews, and Mike Spencer. Attending the National convention will be: Rex Deffenbaugh, Mark Senior, and Mike Spencer.

Motion to adjourn at 9:17 pm (Shanks/B. Deffenbaugh) Passed.


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