VIR Spring Sprints Paddock Load-in

Paddock Parking Information

New for 2023

We are pleased to announce that for 2023, at our urging, VIR has agreed to allow us to return to a two-day Load-in schedule by giving us control of the Paddock on Wednesday, as was done in 2019.

As we know, paved paddock space at VIR is limited, so spaces in the North Paddock will be subject to the same minimum # of race car guidelines just as they are at the Runoffs. This is also the same approach that we’ve used since 2019 at this event. However, we’re unable to widen the fire lanes as was done at the Runoffs, and we will not have forklift service available. Because of this, we will not be able to pre-assign a specific location to you in advance. We will park everyone upon arrival as far forward as possible based on the ‘next space available’ to avoid access issues.

Arrival and Staging

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The Big Ass Parking Lot as it’s officially known (BAPL), located along Raceplex Drive, which did not exist at last year’s event, is now available for our use. Many of you may have seen it at the ’22 Runoffs. Click here to download a pdf of the Raceplex map.  Be advised: Registration and Load-in do not begin until 10:00am Wednesday morning and camping or sleeping overnight in the BAPL is strictly prohibited by VIR due to government restrictions, even if you have an RV or sleeper tractor. The BAPL will open at 7:00am Wednesday morning. Registration and Load-in will begin at 10:00am for those entered for VIR’s Test Day. Should you choose to arrive Tuesday night after 7:00pm (not before), you may leave your vehicles until the next morning, but camping or sleeping overnight in the BAPL is strictly prohibited by VIR due to government restrictions, even if you have an RV or sleeper tractor. Please inform your tow vehicle drivers!


We will be using the Quantum Speed Works building nearby for all registration for the entire event, including for VIR’s Test Day, as VIR has agreed to move their people in with us.


  • Wednesday: Registration and Load-in will begin at 10:00am only for those participating in VIR’s Thursday Test Day. Registration will close no later than 8:00pm, and Load-in will shut down an hour later at 9:00pm. The main Paddock will then be closed for the remainder of the night until the next morning. We do not have the volunteers to stay up all night. If you can’t arrive before Registration closes, you may leave your vehicle in the BAPL overnight, but per VIR, you may not camp or sleep there, even if you have an RV or sleeper tractor. Please plan your travel accordingly.
  • Thursday: Registration will re-open at 7:00am. Load-in will then resume and continue throughout the day as needed, and again shut down one hour after Registration closes, or no later than 9:00pm.
  • Friday: Consult the official schedule for hours.

Note: If you are renting a Garage directly from VIR for this event, or one of the 9 Premium RV sites inside the Main Paddock, you do not have to request nor pay for paddock space and you can bypass this step. Your Load-in however will still be subject to the hours shown above.


We have again negotiated a buyout of all the camping and electric for the entire facility beginning at 5:30pm Thursday for the duration of the event. To recoup some of the costs of the buyout, we must charge for paved and semi-paved paddock space, but substantially less than what is charged at the Runoffs. This is not a money-making item for us, but a convenience for all. This charge is not optional for the Main Paddock. The grass infield Paddock however is always free.

If you intend to camp Wednesday night or use VIR’s electric prior to 5:30pm Thursday, you may be subject to VIR’s fees for camping ($70) and/or electricity ($40). We have no control over this, and we do not collect for them. Quiet generators are encouraged.

Spaces Available & Cost (all dimensions are approximate)

Main Paved & Semi-Paved Paddock (We are not anticipating having the Skid Pad available at this time)

For Prep Shops

  • Three‐car minimum: 30’ x 70’ to 90’ long (2700 sq. ft. +/-); $100
  • Six-car minimum: two 30’ x 70’ to 90’ (5400 sq.ft.+/-); $200 total
  • Ten-car minimum: three 30’ x 70’ to 90’ (8100 sq. ft.+/-): $300 total

For Teams (anyone who is not a Prep Shop or affiliated with one)

  • One‐car: 25’ ‐ 30’ wide, 35’ – 59’ ; $50
  • Two‐cars: 25′ – 30’ wide, 60’ – 69’ ; $100
  • Three‐car minimum: 25’ ‐ 30’ wide, 70’ to 90’ ; $100

Infield Grass Paddock: Consists of all that area outside of the Main Paddock and primarily to the right of the road after crossing the bridge. This area does not require a space request, is completely free of charge, and is not space-limited (within reason). All vehicles, including race cars, must remain on the grass and not park on the asphalt access lanes. All parking must also be perpendicular to the access roads, just as they were at the Runoffs, and not parallel. Infield is still subject to the same Load-in hours.

   Next Step

  • If you are a Prep Shop business: Go here to register on MSR. Select your Shop from the drop-down menu, then list the names of the drivers that you are supporting (real names please). Then select the appropriate number of spaces based on the number of drivers and pay the appropriate fee. Space requests cannot be held until the space(s) are paid for. All your drivers must register by March 31, or your space will be reduced or refunded provided there is someone on the waiting list to take your space.
  • If you are a Prep Shop-affiliated driver: Go here to register on MSR. This is for drivers who are being supported by a Prep Shop, will be in their paddock space, and will appear on their Prep Shop driver roster. If any of these are not true, you are a Team or individual driver not Prep Shop affiliated. If you are truly a Prep Shop affiliated driver, select the Prep Shop-affiliated driver option and check from the drop-down menu which Prep Shop you are affiliated with, then continue your registration. You do not have to request a Paddock space.
  • If you are a Team or affiliated with a Team (one or more individuals): Go here to register on MSR. Designate a Team name, fill in the name of your designated Team Rep. List the drivers on the Team (may be as few as one), then request the number of spaces eligible. Only the Team Rep. needs to pay for the space, but as above all drivers need to be registered and pay for the space by March 31 in order to hold the space.

Important dates

Feb. 22: Initial mailing and Requests open to Prep Shops only

Feb. 27: General Driver Registration and Paddock Requests open to everyone.

Mar. 31: Deadline for all Prep Shop and Team drivers to be registered to hold their space. Drivers may register after this date, all the way up to April 5th, but paved paddock requests may not be guaranteed. However, infield paddock will always be available as no request is needed.


If you have any questions, concerns, special requests, etc. please contact us at