Paddock Parking Information


For 2024, VIR has again agreed to allow us a two-day Load-in schedule by giving us control of the Paddock on Wednesday. Paved paddock space at VIR is not unlimited, so spaces in the North Paddock will be subject to guidelines similar to what they normally are at the Runoffs, based on # of race cars. We will not have forklift service available. Because of this, we are only able to pre-assign spaces to Prep Shops in advance through a phone call to them after they register. We will assign everyone else upon arrival during your Registration check-in based on your needs/desires and the ‘next space available’.

Arrival and Staging

The Big Ass Parking Lot (BAPL), located along Raceplex Drive, will be in use and will open at 7:00am on Wednesday morning ONLY for Prep Shops and those registered for NCR's Test Day. All others should not plan on arriving before Thursday morning. Should you choose to arrive Tuesday night after 7:00pm (not before), you may leave your vehicles until the next morning, but you may not stay overnight in the BAPL even if you have an RV or sleeper tractor. Please inform your tow vehicle drivers accordingly!


Click here to download a pdf of the Raceplex map.



We will again be using what was formerly the Quantum building (now vacant) near the exit of the BAPL, at the intersection of Raceplex Drive and Ryan’s Way (labeled as Registration on the map linked above). Do not confuse this with the building near the entrance end of the BAPL, even if you see a Quantum sign. Quantum has moved to the opposite end of Raceplex Drive, near the Main Gate and is no longer our Registration site.


  • Wednesday Registration will open at 11:00am only for Prep Shops and for Teams and Individuals pre-registered for our Thursday Test Day. If you are neither a Prep Shop nor registered for our Test Day, DO NOT arrive before Thursday morning. You will not be able to check in nor Load-in.
  • Wednesday Load-in will then begin at 12 noon for Prep Shops Only. Load-in for all other Test Day participants will begin at 2:00pm, after the Prep Shops. This is as a courtesy to the Prep Shops and to enable most of the big rigs to get in and get parked before the Paddock becomes tight.
  • Wednesday Registration will close no later than 8:00pm, and Load-in will shut down approximately an hour later at 9:00pm. The main Paddock will then be closed for the remainder of the night until the next morning. We do not have the volunteers to stay up all night and by 9pm they will have been there for 14 hours. If you are registered for the Test Day and can't arrive before Registration closes, you may leave your vehicle in the BAPL, but per VIR, you may not camp or sleep there, even if you have an RV or sleeper tractor. Please plan your travel accordingly.
  • Thursday: Registration and Load-in will resume at 7:00am for remaining Test Day entrants only. After 10:00am, Registration and Load-in will then be open to all others and continue throughout the day as needed, and again shut down one hour after Registration closes, or no later than 9:00pm.
  • Friday: Consult the official schedule for hours.

Next Steps

  • If you are a Prep Shop business: Go here to register on MSR. Select your Shop from the drop-down menu, then list the names of the drivers that you are supporting (real names please). Then check out, listing a credit card to temporarily hold your space. Once we see your registration on MSR, we will contact you to discuss your space assignment, so make sure a phone or e-mail is listed. If any of your listed drivers subsequently register for our Thursday Test Day, your space will be free of charge. If none of your drivers register for the Test Day, your card will be charged $100 to help cover expenses.
  • If you are a Prep Shop-affiliated driver: Go here to register on MSR. This is for drivers who are being supported by a Prep Shop, will be in their paddock space, and will appear on their Prep Shop driver roster. You do not have to request a Paddock space. A vehicle pass will be available for you at check-in at Registration.
  • If you are a Team (group of entrants paddocking together) or an Individual entrant: Go here to register on MSR. No advance paddock space request is necessary. You will select a space(s) during check-in at Registration and receive your Paddock sticker and support vehicle passes at that time.

For Prep Shops:

  • Three‐car minimum: 30’ x 70’ to 90’ long (2700 sq. ft. +/-)
  • Six-car minimum: up to two 30’ x 70’ to 90’ (5400 sq.ft.+/-)
  • Ten-car minimum: up to three 30’ x 70’ to 90’ (8100 sq. ft.+/-)

For Teams and individual entrants (anyone who is not a Prep Shop nor affiliated with one)

  • One‐car: 25’ ‐ 30’ wide, 35’ - 59’
  • Two‐cars: 25' - 30’ wide, 60’ - 69’
  • Three‐car minimum: 25’ ‐ 30’ wide, 70’ to 90’

(We are not currently anticipating needing nor having the Skid Pad available)

Infield Grass Paddock: Consists of all that area outside of the Main Paddock and primarily to the right of the road after crossing the bridge. This area does not require space registration, is completely free of charge, and is not space-limited (within reason). All vehicles, especially race cars, must remain on the grass, and not park on the asphalt access lanes. All parking must also be perpendicular to the access roads, just as they were at the Runoffs, and not parallel. The Infield is still subject to the same Load-in hours.

Camping and Electricity

Camping and electric tags for this event must be purchased on site directly from VIR Security, either in the BAPL or in the Paddock afterwards. NC Region does not collect these fees and we receive no proceeds from their sale. Cash and Card are accepted.

For the entire Wednesday through Sunday period (5 days/4 nights):

Tent camping $40; RV camping $70, defined as anything with wheels (Truck, trailer, or motorhome).

Electricity $40. Quiet generators are permitted and encouraged.

Unregistered vehicles (Golf Carts, ATVs, Motorcycles, etc.) are $30 in advance online here and $35 at the track. This pass is good for the calendar year.

Note: If you are renting a Garage directly from VIR for this event, or one of the 9 Premium RV sites located inside the Main Paddock, you do not have to request paddock space from us. You will, however, still must check in at Registration and your Load-in will still be subject to the hours shown above.


If you have any questions, concerns, special requests, etc. please contact us at