RE Report – April 2013

April 24, 2013

This club is the BEST!

The latest iteration of the Nationals/Majors race is behind us, and what accolades we accumulated! The SCCA National representatives charged with overseeing our operation were practically bubbling with praise after the event. They told us that, of all the regions conducting Majors races so far, our Region was the most receptive, most committed, and the smoothest. They praised how seamless and punctual the races were executed, how good decisions were made on Saturday night, when weather intervened, and how well we recovered from that. They said our Tech and impound was the best executed of any Region so far. OUR PEOPLE ARE THE BEST. I think this race will go into history as one of the strongest and most notable races the Region has ever run, while handling, what may be, the most entries we’ve ever had. It’s almost a benefit that we had weather issues on Saturday night, because it demonstrated how well we handle unexpected and potentially dangerous situations in the attendance of a large number of National attendees. At the end of it all, I mentioned that this race was not operated much differently from any of our races, and that we really didn’t make many changes to comply with National’s requirements.

The racing was great with mostly large groups, close racing, and beautiful, if cold, weather. Many races were decided in late lap charges without rough driving. National helped make race finish events special with checkered flag/victory laps, champagne and interviews on the podium. Every participating Region member is to be applauded for their part in this event. It takes an unimaginable number of people doing their best, behind the scenes and in front, to accomplish a result like this. I think the Region will benefit in the future from our work last weekend. Financially, there is hope that this race may help make up for the dismal result of our March race.

Rex Deffenbaugh
Regional Executive