R.E. Report – September 2011 – Part 1

September 10, 2011

RALEIGH, NC (NCR-SCCA) – Hello all,

It’s been awhile since my last article.  Since the demise of the Bulletin, we’ve decided to publish updates on the website.  It would be hard to report on all the activities since my last report, which summed up last year, so we’ll hit the highlights:

Our races have been well attended this season, considering the state of the economy.  Our income has been down, but because of the relentless efforts of our members, so has our cost; so, our financial condition is nearly the same as last year at this time.  That has been helped by a strong Oak Tree National race in April.  Indications are that we will have a reasonably healthy remainder of the season.  Our “Goblins Go” may be better attended this year because of a scheduling change with a competing race that siphoned some of our entries last year.  This just shows how nebulous race scheduling can be.  We make our best bet on the schedule for the upcoming year in July and hope for the best.

Some of our members, who enjoyed racing in Charlotte in the past, spearheaded an effort to race there again.  This resulted in a co-sanctioned event with Central Carolina Region, held there on August 20-21: the “Daylight into Dark” race, where the day, Saturday, ended with a Carolina Cup race under the lights at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  This was a thrill to all in attendance and we hope that race will become a regular event in the future.  Attendance supports this as a possibility.

In the east, the autocross program continues to break ground with improvements on a regular basis.  Our Solo branch has had many well attended and fun events so far this season.  They continue to add exciting venues through continued networking with our Armed Forces and community to add these events.  The Board expresses gratitude every month to them for their efforts.  They are exposing a completely new population to the fun of SCCA, and our Region, and are responsible for numerous new members regularly.

As a driver – not as an administrator – I wish to herald and thank you for the participation of all our volunteer members who make it possible for my friends and I to race regularly.  I am amazed, when viewed from this position, at the tireless, long and competent work that is required and fulfilled every time we schedule an activity.  You cannot be thanked enough.

Next, it is my wish to ask for your support, as we near the end of my term as RE.  I see my premier job as finding a willing replacement who can do a better job better than myself.  I have worked with a few prospects, but they could not commit at this time.  I need to continue this activity while maintaining the presence of drivers and workers on the Board.  I wish to hold fast the improvements made to date, as our Region transforms into one operated by participants.  I hope I can count on your vote to continue this.  Also, if you have a candidate who you think reflects this attitude and who might be talked into taking this position, please let me know.

Discussion was had at a recent Board meeting concerning the Region’s logo.   The logo is somewhat outdated, in that it still advertises our 50th year, and that happened some time ago.  It was agreed that the Board would offer, to the membership, a contest to develop a new logo.  Ideas can be derivative of the existing one or completely new ideas.  Please submit, to me, ideas you might have for review by the board.  Submissions could range from completed pdf files to written ideas you might have.  What wasn’t agreed in the meeting is the nature of the prize.  At the very least, you will know your design was approved for use by the Region in all its correspondence and properties, and I’m sure the Board will approve additional benefits – to be reported later.  Thanks in advance for your submissions.

Lastly, this will constitute the beginning of a series of articles from participants at the last SCCA National Convention.  I asked those participants to write accounts of meetings they attended and will publish one with each RE Report.

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