Diane Wall Hughes

September 1, 1957 – January 1, 1997

The consummate SCCA club member, Dianne started as corner worker which sparked her love for all things SCCA. Throughout her many years in the club she became involved in everything from Solo, Rally, SARRC regionals and nationals, to Regional Executive and race control. She even jumped into a Formula 440 for a driver’s school at Roebling Road. She was embarking into the stewards program when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Everyone who new Dianne loved her for her heart, bravery, and compassion; but her greatest quality of never having met a stranger made her the best ambassador SCCA could ever have. She was always smiling, welcoming you to SCCA with a handshake, hug and kiss. She made sure everyone knew where the social was on Saturday evening. I had a front row seat to this true phenomenon known as Dianne Hughes, as I had the honor of being her husband. Her message from heaven to everyone would be to get involved, greet a stranger and always welcome everyone to SCCA.

William “Billy” Hughes