Cape Fear Cup Team Competition Rules

Cape Fear Cup Team Competition Rules

Team Rosters

1. Teams must have a team name and designated team captain.
2. Minimum 6 drivers per team and maximum 12 drivers per team from at least 5 different classes.
3. Drivers may be added at anytime during the season provided the 12 driver maximum is not exceeded
4. Drivers may be dropped at any time during the season and must be permanently removed from the roster.
5. At every event 6 drivers from the original team submitted at the first event must appear on the roster.
6. For the 2014 season: no roster changes (adds or drops) are allowed after Points Event #5.
7. Non roster drivers are not allowed to compete for absent roster drivers at any event during the season.
8. Index Classes (Novice, Ladies) are treated as separate classes just like every other open class. Example: if you have Pro BS, Ladies BS and Novice BS drivers on a team they are counted as three separate classes. However, if you have three Pro drivers on your team only one of those times will count.

Team Captains

1. Captains must turn in an active roster form to the Team Competition Coordinator (name) after the end of the registration period and prior to the drivers meeting at the first NCR points event. At subsequent events roster forms only need to be submitted before the drivers meeting if there are changes to the team.
2. Any grievance must be filed in writing within 24 hours to the Solo Chairman (name). The Solo Chairman shall have the right to determine the outcome of any grievance.
3. All results will be posted on the web site by the web site committee. Team Captains are asked to review all calculations and report any discrepancies to the Team Competition Coordinator.

Team Scoring

1. Only NCR points events will be counted toward scoring.
2. Drivers may compete in a different car/class than indicated on the roster at any event during the season.
3. Event scoring will be based on the top 6 PAX times from 5 different base classes, all other times do not count.
4. Teams represented by fewer than 5 different classes will automatically rank lower than all teams with 5 different classes. If no team is represented by 5 different classes then the next highest number of classes represented will determine the winner.
5. The season team champion will be determined by the cumulative NCR points system. At each event, the team with the lowest combined PAX time will get 9 points, the second lowest gets 6 points, the third gets 4 points, etc. At the end of the season the team with the most cumulative points wins the competition.
6. Drivers eligible for season ending team competition awards are those that appear on the winning team roster at the final points event, therefore, no more than 12 awards will be handed out to the winning team.