NCR Board of Directors Election Is Underway

December 7, 2022

Each year, the NC Region has 4 office vacancies to fill on the Board of Directors. This year, the offices are Assistant Regional Executive, Treasurer and two (2) Member-at-Large seats. Those elected will serve for 2023 & 2024. Below are the candidates for each office with a description of responsibilities as defined in the Region’s Bylaws.


Assistant Regional Executive

“In the absence of the Regional Executive, the duties of that office shall be assumed by the Assistant Regional Executive. Other duties are as provided for in the Bylaws or described in the Operations Manual.”

Megan Tyler is running for Asst. RE unopposed.
I am running for the position of ARE. 2023 will be my 10-year anniversary of volunteering with North Carolina Region. I started in Timing & Scoring helping with Taping. It seemed like a minor job, but I quickly realized how important even one extra worker can be to running an event. Of the different regions with which I’ve volunteered, NCR has been the most welcoming & appreciating of volunteers. This year, I worked several specialties with Road Racing, Time Trials, and Track Night in America. At these events, I enjoy meeting drivers and volunteers, seeing everyone in their roles, and expanding my perspective of SCCA and NCR. In addition to T&S, I assist F&C with responsibilities and tasks throughout the year. This year, I’ve been serving as an F&C assistant as the contact person in welcoming individuals who submit inquiries to the NCR website or register for events under the specialty “I’m New & Would Like to Help Out.” Often, SCCA members are several generations of families. I am interested in reaching out to volunteers who haven’t grown up in the club to learn their perspectives and how we might improve our Region volunteer program. I look forward to the opportunity of serving as ARE. 



“The Treasurer shall, subject to such conditions and restrictions as may be made by the Board of Directors, have custody of all monies, debts, and obligations belonging to the organization. The Treasurer shall receive all monies and deposit same to the North Carolina Region, SCCA, Inc. account. The Treasurer, and the Regional Executive, shall have control over and supervision of all payment of true debts and obligations, and shall maintain such records as are in accordance with accepted accounting procedure.”


Sam Fouse is running for re-election as Treasurer unopposed.
I am volunteering to serve a second term as Treasurer for 2023-2024. During my first term we switched to a cloud-based version of our accounting software, which allowed us to expand the position to appoint an Assistant Treasurer, approved by the Board. Having an Assistant allows further review and gives us continuity in the absence of the Treasurer. It also allows our outside consulting CPA access to our system for advisory purposes. We implemented mail distribution of our VIP reimbursements and I believe we are reporting financial data in a timely fashion. We have the ability to do break-even analyses on events in advance and give fairly accurate post-event financial results relatively quickly, all of which helps the Board make better, more informed decisions.

  • NC Region member since 1976; NCR Solo Chair and competitor 1977-1982
  • Member-at-Large 1981-1982; 2013-2015
  • Regional Executive 2016-2019, Past RE 2020
  • Treasurer 2021-2022
  • Competition License holder and racer since 1985, competing in SCCA, ChampCar, and WRL.
  • Helped found NCR’s Time Trial program as RE in 2018 and frequently volunteer in logistical support and as coach.
  • Have served as a flagger and with EV in the past. Currently volunteer as Race Chair, in Hospitality, and in Runoffs Support.



“The Members-at-Large are responsible for providing additional input for decision-making and will endeavor to represent all viewpoints of the membership at meetings of the Board of Directors.”

There are two (2) candidates for the two (2) Member-at-Large seats. They are (in alphabetical order):


Al Heatwole
Hello, my name is Al Heatwole and I am running again to continue on the board as a Member-at-Large. I joined the NC Region in 2016 after buying my 1967 F/Prod Datsun Roadster. In addition to driving, I have also worked in F&C, Tech for racing and TT, and this last year I have been working with the new owners of Rockingham Speedway about NC Region racing at that site again. I hope to continue that next year as they complete their re-pave. I have also previously served as Triangle Chapter Coordinator and occasionally help out Stephen on the grills at TTs. I have enjoyed my time working on the members’ behalf these past few years and I appreciate the chance to continue to do what I can to continue improving our experiences with SCCA. I thank you for your consideration.






Shane Irving
Howdy everyone, I am Shane Irving and I am running for Member-at-large for North Carolina Region. I first became a member of SCCA back in 2018 but I have been around motorsports for over a decade now. I have participated mostly in autocross events since 2011 within North Carolina and Virginia. While I was staying local, I became involved with multiple clubs volunteering to support running day of events truly finding a passion in course designing and instructing novices at any event I can get to. In 2018 is when I started to branch out and run at more national SCCA Solo events. When the need was expressed for volunteers to support the Solo program, I jumped at the opportunity to lead a group together and support that going forward. By running for this position, I hope to continue to learn more and help out SCCA NCR in any way I possibly can.




Only North Carolina Region members are allowed to vote and voting will be done on (MSR).
Voting will begin on December 7th and will end on December 31st.

All votes will be anonymous and MSR will validate that each voter has a valid, not expired, SCCA membership and that they are a member of the North Carolina Region. To do this, each voter will need to have an account on MSR. If you don’t already have one, it’s easy and free to get one. Just go to and click on Create Free Account at the top right of the page. Each voting member must have an individual account on MSR.

Each member of SCCA has a unique membership number. That number and the name of the member must be the same on both your SCCA and MSR accounts. For instance, if you used your full legal name when joining SCCA, but then used a nickname when setting up your MSR account, you’ll need to go in and edit your MSR account to match exactly what SCCA has on file for you. If you joined SCCA as William Robert, but your MSR account says Billy Bob, you won’t be allowed to vote without changing it on MSR.

Also, for those of you who have the old-style SCCA family memberships, using the format of 123456_1, your membership number in MSR will have to match exactly. None of the following will work: 123456 1, 123456-1, 12345601 or 123456. So, please make sure that your membership number is entered accurately in MSR and that your membership has not expired.

If you have any issues when trying to vote, please contact Bruce Dover, NCR Office Admin & Registrar, at or you can call or text 919-423-6015. If you are a NC Region member, but NCR is not your Region of Record with SCCA, you’ll need to contact Bruce for a link to vote.