Effective January 21, 2015


1.1  The Tarheel Cup Pro Series (hereafter known as TCPS) is a regional points series conducted by the North Carolina Region (NCR) of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and any other region(s) in the SEDiv. of SCCA which requests the right to include a TCPS regional race in their own region’s race calendar, which request receives the prior approval of the BoD of the NCR and the TCPS Committee.

1.2  The series will be run as restricted regional races sanctioned under the current General Competition Rules (GCR) of the SCCA and the TCPS rules.  All host region’s supplemental race regulations shall apply, not inconsistent with these rules or the GCR.  All TCPS races must be insured to the regular SCCA standards by the host region.

1.3  No rule, regulation or implication in these rules is considered to imply an exception to the then current GCR of the SCCA and in any dispute regarding interpretation of these rules, the GCR and the standard operating practices of the SCCA will take precedence. 

1.4  The host region of a TCPS race will pay the NC Region a fee for each entrant, per TCPS race.  An entrant is defined according to the GCR.  The minimum fee per entrant, per race, is $15.00.  Fees will be used by the TCPS Committee for its administration costs and year end championship awards/prize.



2.1  The TCPS Committee will govern the TCPS.  The Committee will be comprised of two members of the NCR, appointed annually by the RE of the NCR.  Each other region authorized to run TCPS races, pursuant to paragraph 1.1 above, may assign a current member, from its region, to the TCPS Committee.  Each Committee member will have one vote. 

2.2  The Board of Directors of any region hosting a TCPS race shall inform the TCPS Committee of any action taken by its Board pertaining to the TCPS rules and/or the TCPS race schedule(s), eligible classes, race dates and other significant actions regarding the TCPS.

2.3    Neither the NCR nor any other authorized region is required to host a TCPS race.

2.4  The TCPS Committee will appoint a Series Administrator who will maintain the series points records and perform such other functions as may be directed by the Committee.

2.5  In the event of a tie in any voting procedure within the TCPS Committee, the Regional Executive of the NCR is then authorized to cast a vote. 

2.6  The TCPS Committee may request changes deemed needed to the TCPS Rules and request the approval of same by the Board of Directors of the NCR and any other Board of Directors of other authorized region(s), all of which regions shall approve all requested rule changes.  Any Rule change will not affect any previously awarded points or prize money.  The NCR may disband this series without any approval of any other region.


Eligibility – Cars

3.1  Cars classified in the following SCCA classes may be eligible to participate in the TCPS as determined by the host region:  All cars eligible for SARRC participation and IT7R, ITE,ITEZ, SRX7 and SSM,  plus such other classes as may be approved by the TCPS Committee, subject to a veto by the NCR, via its Board of Directors.

3.2  All cars must conform to the then current SCCA GCR competition specifications and/or any other sanctioning body specifications as it applies to the eligible class(es).


Eligibility- Driver

4.1  The SCCA eligibility rules for drivers in SCCA club races, as provided in the then current GCR, will apply to the TCPS.



5.1 TCPS is a point’s only championship series. The series does not provide payouts to drivers.

5.2 Drivers do not need to register with TCPS to receive points for finishing position. All entries finishing races will receive points.



6.1  Car numbers will be issued by the host region Registrar on a first come, first serve basis.

6.2  All races will be 45 minutes in length, unless a shorter time period is approved by the Committee and the host region, through the process used by the host region in scheduling and conducting races in its own region.

6.3  There will be a mandatory 2 minute pit stop for all eligible TCPS classes, as such is specified by the Committee and the host region. 

6.4  There will be a 40 MPH speed limit on pit road.

6.5  The top 4 finishers in each class will report to impound.

6.6  Not all eligible TCPS classes must be included in each TCPS race event; such determination of the selected classes to be included in each TCPS race event shall be determined by the Committee and the host region.

7.1  Any mandatory pit stop, of 2 minutes in length, shall not commence until at least 1 lap after the green flag nor less than 2 minutes prior to the checkered flag.  Failure to make a required 2 minutes pit stop shall result in a time or lap penalty or possible disqualification.

7.2  Timing of a required pit stop will be determined through these 2 methods:

Method 1

Use the timing charts for the race, as provided by timing and scoring, to determine the fastest lap times for competitors.  By adding 2 minutes plus the time required to traverse pit lane at 40 MPH to their fastest lap time, a total pit stop time lap shall be determined for each entry.  Lap charts shall then be checked to confirm that each competitor did have a total pit stop time lap equal to or greater than the minimum determined lap time for the required pit stop lap.

Method 2

A log will be maintained to show the time and car number of all cars in a class entering and exiting pit lane, during a TCPS race event, having a required pit stop.  A study of the log must show that each car (in a class required to make a pit stop) entered and exited pit lane in a total time equal to or greater than 2 minutes plus the time required to traverse the pit lane at 40 MPH.

7.3  Any non-compliance found by either of these two (2) methods will be reported to the Chief Steward and the TCPS Administrator for appropriate action.

7.4  Computation of the 40 MPH pit lane speed limit is as follows:

Kershaw  11 seconds at 40 MPH
VIR   12 seconds at 40 MPH
Charlotte  22 seconds at 40 MPH
Roebling  19 seconds at 40 MPH

7.5  No required pit stops will be allowed during a full course yellow.  Any car that has entered the pit lane in the process of their mandatory pit stop when a full course yellow is displayed will be allowed to continue with its pit stop and re-enter the track at the proper time.

7.6  No re-fueling will be allowed during required pit stops.



8.1  Finishing points will be awarded according the SCCA SEDIV SARRC points system. Points will be awarded as follows; 1st – 25 pts, 2nd – 21 pts, 3rd– 18 pts, 4th – 17pts, 5th– 16 pts, minus 1 point per finishing position to 20th. In addition, one bonus point will be awarded for each car finished ahead of in class with a maximum of 5 bonus points.

8.2  TCPS championship points will be awarded according to the finishing position of all entries that finish a race. 

8.3  Upon receiving the final race results, per TCPS race event, the Series Administrator will calculate individual points and forward the points standings to the RE’s of the participating regions to be published.

8.4  The current point standings will be available from the Series Administrator at each event.

8.5  In the event of ties for year end points, winners will be determined according to the overall average finishing position of competitors.

8.6  In order to be eligible for the year end points championship, the team must START at least 50% of the scheduled TCPS races for their class for the year.

9.1  For each individual points race, the host region or the TCPS Committee may award trophies to the top 3 finishers in each class.

9.2  For the end of the season point’s championship a award/prize will be awarded by the TCPS Committee, to the winner of each eligible class.



10.1  Any team/driver found to be in violation of these rules may be disqualified.  Disqualification will result in the loss of points.

10.2  The Stewards may take away individual race and entry points due to disqualification.

10.3  The Committee may take away accumulated points due to disqualification.