Cape Fear Chapter Report – February 2012

WILMINGTON, NC – (NCRSCCA) – The Cape Fear Chapter converged on a new meeting spot, Elizabeth’s Pizza, on February 7th to enjoy great drinks, Italian cuisine, and camaraderie.  Twenty enthusiastic members were in attendance, anxious to catch up on the off-season’s news and get started on 2012.  The elephant in the room was the missing NCR Solo Schedule so we jumped right into that discussion.  The skinny of it is the BlackWater solo pad, the site we visited six times last year, is unavailable for public rental this year.  We were planning to broaden our horizons to new sites for 2012, but the BlackWater news sped up the process.  Five potential new sites were already on the table before the meeting.  Thanks to some member input that list quickly grew to nine.  A few of those look to be likely hosts to a 2012 Solo event.  Despite the slow start it’s shaping up to be an exciting season of NCR Autocross.

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