Board of Directors Meeting

by Bob Brookfield

Have you ever attended a NCR Board of Directors meeting? Well I have.

On March 20 Sara and I made the long haul from up here in Wardensville, WV (you could look it up on a map) so I could sit in on a BOD meeting.

I was a member of DC Region for over 20 years and never saw anything inviting members to attend a BOD meeting. But since transferring our membership to NCR some 10 years ago I have seen the meeting notices and thought about attending. In 2018 I became determined to attend a BOD meeting. But then the date always conflicted with a doctor appointment of Sara’s.

Then the February meeting was changed from Wednesday to Tuesday. I thought, “Hot damn, I can go to the meeting and Sara’s appointment would be the next day.” Then reality set in. It is about a 6+ hour drive to Piper’s Deli from up here, which would be followed by another 3 hours run to the doctor’s office. So that put the kibosh on February.

But, being a determined old fart, I got the March and April appointments changed to Saturday, thereby freeing us to come south to a BOD meeting. And I am damn glad I did.

By attending BOD meetings one can get a better handle on what the leadership has to go through each month. I won’t go into detail about the proceedings, you can get all that when the minutes are posted online. But I am bloody glad we made the trip. Sara did not want to sit in so she stayed in the motel while I attended. Will I attend the April meeting. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, you can bet your sweet bippy I will. And if you really want to know what is going on in the region I suggest you join me.

Lastly, a word about the weather. Snow had started falling as we headed north. But as we went along we could see that it had not amounted to much. I was feeling quite comfortable as we headed north on I-81 and could see that not much white stuff was on the ground. But as we approached Woodstock, VA we could see that more had come down in that area. Normally we get off I-81 at that point, but having come that way from home thru what snow had fallen in the National Forest with no problem, we could see that returning via that route may have been dicey. So we continued on up to the Strasburg exit and headed for home sans problem. Hopefully there will be no snow in April.

See y’all at the Major and hopefully at the April BOD meeting’



by Bob Brookfield

Back in the mid-90s when I was a member of the DC Region I began writing a column about places to dine in the area around Summit Point. That was at a time when the region did not provide a dinner for the workers etal and we went out to Charles Town or Winchester to dine. When we began to get a free dinner the need to go out went away and so did the column. But recently Sara and I decided we would like to find some places in Danville where we could get a good meal. So, I contacted Heather Clark, a Danville resident, about places to go. And man, did she come through! I got two pages of places to try. What follows is a review of the first of them.


That is a different name for a restaurant, but that is where we went.
Finding it at 616 North Main Street in Danville was easy, thanks to the built-in GPS in our new MAZDA3. We went there on the Saturday evening of March Into Spring. I was gabber-flasted to find that we were able to park in the street about 100 feet from the restaurant. We were seated immediately at a nice table for two.

As we started reading the menu in comes, a bunch of guys in white. I turns to Sara and says, can’t be too bad of a place if the let flaggers in. The bunch was Dave Turner, Chris Robbins, Gary Barrows, Brian Eldrege, Dewitt Payne. Turns out that those guys have been eating at 616 for a long time. Pretty cool.

Since we don’t drink we just ordered Coffee and unsweetened Iced Tea. Now to the good stuff. Because of the surgery she had Sara is unable to eat a whole lot at one time. But it didn’t stop me. Started off with a bowl of French Onion Soup. And was that every GOOD! They didn’t just whisper onion over the bowl like some places I have been, them bowl were full all the way plumb with onions. Very good start to the evening. Then Sara ordered the Charcuterie Board and I had Garden Salad with Chicken and Citrus Vinaigrette. While we were waiting for that the chef send us a sample of steak. That was a pleasant surprise and very good, Just a couple of nibbles, but nice. Sara greatly enjoyed he Charcuterie and I was very happy with the Salad. The greens were a delight. In other words, it wasn’t just Iceberg lettuce.

Then came dessert time. Being a long time fan of Bread Pudding I ordered that and Sara had Chocolate Mousse. And, bless her heart, she gave me a taste. All I can say about both desserts is, DEELICIOUS!

Now for the kicker. When I was doing the original column I had a criteria of $20.00 for a good meal. But that was 20 plus years ago and prices have gone up. Our tab came to $54.54 including tax. So, at about 25 Bob apiece that works out. Will we go back. Damn straight! Just not this year, tho it is tempting. We just want to check out some of the other places Heather listed. And again, a bit thanks to Heather for her help. And 616 was at the top of the list.

There will be another place or two after the Majors. Until then, happy dining!