Time to throw your hat in the ring!

Nominations for next year’s Board of Directors are now open.

It’s that time of year when we elect a new slate of officers to run this club. All NCR members are eligible and we encourage as wide a range of participation as possible.

New candidates should not feel intimidated. The NCR Bylaws provide that we elect half of our Region’s officers every year, and that we alternate them in pairs, in order to provide continuity from year to year. So there will always be experienced people present to help you get acclimated to your new position. Even if you’ve volunteered before and were not elected, we urge you now to try again. Some of our current officers would like to retire!

This club, as always, needs all the eager volunteers it can get.  Got a new idea?  Want to see where the money goes? Want to help us get it right when it comes to event planning and budgeting, making sure that we spend your money on the “right” things?

Now’s your chance. You can be a part of the decision-making process.

Open Positions for 2014:

  • Regional Executive (currently held by Rex Deffenbaugh)
  • Secretary (currently held by Jerry Pell)
  • Member-at-Large (Wayne Quick’s seat)
  • Member-at-Large (Neal Harrison’s Seat)

Nominations must be written. You must nominate yourself in writing and have 3 other NCR members sign the document. Each nominee and signatory should provide his or her membership number, but if for some reason you don’t know it, we can look it up. Just give your completed nomination document to any current Board member or send it to Ginny Condrey at the Region Office before the next Board of Director’s meeting.

Nominations close at the end of the next (November 20th) Board meeting.

James Shanks
NCR Membership Chair

Tere Pulliam, Candidate for Area 12 Director

I am on the ballot to be “YOUR Area 12 Director”. You will receive in the mail this week a ballot from SCCA that will give you the opportunity to choose who represents you from 2014-2016. I have included my short platform, the long one will be with the ballot. This is one election that your vote really does count! I will be sending out surveys as needed to the membership when I am elected. PLEASE look at your ballot when it arrives and VOTE.
Thank you for your consideration,
Tere Pulliam


F&C Newsletter – October 14th, 2013


We have half of the flaggers needed to run the last two races of the season. Go to NCRSCCA.MotorsportReg.com to register NOW! …if you haven’t already.

To register, http://ncrscca.motorsportreg.com gets you straight to our events. Drivers and Volunteers register through the same event.

Click Register, Continue, Continue, Check the Box for SELECT REGISTRATION TYPE, Check VOLUNTEER REGISTRATIONS.

Email flagchief@ncrscca.com if you need more information.

If you need help with getting an affordable room contact Sara Snider by today Monday 10/14. FYI, the 13 hour weekend is up against the Martinsville NASCAR race this year.


Goblins Go – October 19-20, 2013

The flag meeting is @ 7:45 on both Saturday and Sunday with a Green Course at8:30. The flag meeting is held at the North Flag Shack building in the paddock up near the grid. Lunch will be provided each day and there will be a social Saturdayevening after the racing.

The following flaggers have signed up:

Mark Biamonte
Todd Cohen
Jan Coleman-Mitchell
Lynn Combs
Eric Danielsen
Dian Dingle
Earnie Dingle
Don Drennon
Brian Eldredge
Michael Hastings
Alan Martin
Kirby Murray
DeWitt Payne
Chris Robbins
Chuck Stanley
Douglas Thompson
David Turner
Michael Wahl

Sign up now on NCRSCCA.MotorsportReg.com


13-Hour – October 25-26, 2013

On Friday the flag meeting is at 4:30 at the North Flag Shack, with a green course at 5:30. There will be a 1 hour qualifying session followed by a 1 hour night practice. There will be a social Friday night after practice. Worth 1 Worker Credit Punch.

On Saturday there is a pre-race breakfast from 6:30 to 7:45 at the Pagoda. The flag meeting is at 8:15 at the North Flag Shack. Lunch and Dinner will be provided on Saturday. Worth 2 Worker Credit Punches.

The following flaggers have signed up:

John Bodnar
Steve Bridges
Heather Clark
Todd Cohen
Jan Coleman-Mitchell
Eric Danielsen
Casey DeSteunder
Don Drennon
Brian Eldredge
Pablo Escalera
Bill Forman
Rachel Forman
Thomas Guest Jr.
Collin Johnson
John Lakatos
Alan Martin
Leigh McBride
Mack McCormack
Morgan Mehler
Kirby Murray
Laurence Polley
Kyle Ray-Smith
Glenn Smith
Lance Snyder
Timothy Stoll
Eric Thomas
Douglas Thompson
David Turner
Ben Tyler
Michael Wahl
Jim Wheeler
Elizabeth Winiarz

Sign up now on NCRSCCA.MotorsportReg.com

Mark is the flag chief for the Goblins Go and Eric is the flag chief for the 13 Hour. If you have any questions or comments you can contact us at flagchief@ncrscca.com

Other News…

Nominations are being accepted for 2 members-at-large, secretary and RE. Nominations are due by the Board of Director’s meeting November 20th 2013.

Annual banquet tentative January 11th 2014, Raleigh NC, Cafe Luna.

Flagging & Fire School February 2014

NCR Flag Chief du jour

North Carolina Region SCCA

Big changes for 2014 season!

TOPEKA, Kan. (October 11, 2013) – The Sports Car Club of America Board of Directors unanimously approved a proposal by the Solo® Events Board for Street Category cars in the Tire Rack National Solo program, beginning in 2014.

The Street Category will feature cars that are essentially off the showroom floor, with specified modifications. Tires in the class must be designed for highway use on passenger cars.

Tires in the Street Category must fit the following specifications:

1. Effective 1/1/14 – Minimum UTQG tread wear rating of 140
2. Effective 1/1/15 – Minimum UTQG tread wear rating of 200
3. Molded tread depth of 7/32” or greater as specified by the manufacturer
4. Listed in a current year of prior two years of the “Tire Guide” and/or “Tread Design Guide”
5. Department of Transportation (DOT) approved

The class will allow sway bars on the front or rear, and have a wheel diameter allowance of plus or minus one inch. Despite earlier proposals, there will be no camber allowances via camber plates, bolts or slotting.

“Participation in the current Stock Category is declining at a rapid rate, and data and feedback shows that the vast majority of the membership that would participate in this class would like to switch to ‘road tires,’” Lisa Noble, Chairman of the SCCA Board of Directors, said. “Classes with road tires have the largest participation numbers in regional competition, and since this potential rules change came to light, those who participate in the class have voted with their attendance. We anticipate that trend will continue as the Street category classes earn National Championship status in 2014.”

In addition to the new Street Category, for 2014, the current Stock Category will remain in place and be renamed the Street-R category. All 2013 Stock classes will become Street-R (SR) classes and follow the rules which were in place for Stock at the end of 2013. For 2015, the Street-R category will be reduced to a single class, Super Street R, for high horsepower machines.

“This has been a long process for the Solo community,” Howard Duncan, SCCA Vice President, Rally/Solo, said. “The SEB believes, and we agree, that this change does not alter the game, but will encourage more participants, as 72 percent of the letters the SEB received on the matter were in favor of the change. We’re looking forward to welcoming back members that we haven’t seen in several years, and introducing new members to the sport without requiring a major investment to the cars they already own.”

A more complete list of rules, along with the classifications of cars for the new Street Category, will be available in the October Fastrack® News.

More information on the Tire Rack SCCA Solo program is available at www.SCCA.com/Solo.

Registration Open For 2014 SCCA National Convention In Charlotte

TOPEKA, Kan. (October 11, 2013) – The 2014 Sports Car Club of America National Convention, to be held for the first time in Charlotte, N.C., March 7-9, is now accepting registrations online. The latest edition of the annual event features sessions geared to Regional, Divisional and National leadership and those involved in National specialties.

The fee for the SCCA National Convention is $295, which includes access to all Convention sessions, the SCCA Hall of Fame Banquet, and the show floor of the new MSX – North American MotorSports Expo to be held in conjunction with the Convention.

Though the location has changed from the previous five years in Las Vegas, the Convention continues with informative and entertaining sessions for SCCA members.

Full group sessions include the SCCA Annual Meeting, town halls, convention kickoff, and awards session. Among the Club Racing programs are panel discussions for training, recognition and proficiency for specialties, stewards training, and training for registrars and timing and scoring for the U.S. Majors Tour events. Separate panel discussions will also take place for the Solo and Rally programs, as well as best practices panel discussions on how a Region can start or grow a local program.

A full track will also be devoted to Region leadership, including panel discussions, Region Officer training and sessions with the Board of Directors to discuss ideas and initiatives. The SCCA National staff will also walk Regions through the newly-developed Region Website Template to develop a functional website in less than an hour.

The Convention will be at the Westin Charlotte for every session on Friday. It will move across the street to the Charlotte Convention Center on Saturday and Sunday to ease the transition for those attending both the National Convention and the MSX show. The Awards and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held at the Westin Charlotte Saturday evening.

A ticket to the 2014 SCCA National Convention includes complimentary entry to the MSX Expo show floor, as well as the exclusive opening reception, and the SCCA Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Banquet. For $390, an attendee will also gain access to the speakers and seminars as part of the MSX Show. MSX will feature world-class exhibitors, racing legends, technical seminars, show floor demonstrations, banquets and special events.

For more information on the 2014 SCCA National Convention, including a current list of sessions and a link to the registration page, visit www.scca.com/Convention. For more information about MSX, please visit www.msxexpo.com or contact msxinfo@ntpshow.com or call (703) 706-8227.

Porsche Design Exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art

The North Carolina Museum of Art, located across from the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, has a special exhibition of Porsche cars and related topics beginning Saturday October 12, 2013 and continuing through January 20, 2014, with additional presentations sprinkled throughout. Porsche by Design: Seducing Speed marks the North Carolina Museum of Art’s first design exhibition, exploring the history and development of the Porsche lineage from the 1930s to the present day.


Featuring 22 automobiles, Porsche by Design presents cars owned by the Ingram family of Durham, Ralph Lauren, Steve McQueen, and Janis Joplin, as well as the one-of-a-kind Panamericana concept car on loan from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. There are videos as well. Tickets are typically $18 for adults with various discounts available, especially to museum members. And free cars shows or “meetups” in the museum parking lot on four Saturdays this fall:

Porsche Meetup  Saturday, October 12 (exhibition opening day)

European Car Meetup  Saturday, October 19

American Cars and Hot Rods Meetup  Saturday, November 9 honoring veterans

Art Cars Meetup  Saturday, November 30

F&C Newsletter – October 9, 2013

North Carolina Region SCCA

October 9th, 2013

The fall series for races are just around the corner. Plan on coming to VIR for two great weekends of racing. We start in less than two weeks with the Goblins Go SARRC/Double ECR/Tar Heel Cup races on Oct 19th and 20th. Then the following weekend we have the Charge of the Headlight Brigade 13 hour race Oct 25th and 26th.

We desperately need volunteers for both events, especially in F&C. If you have already registered, thank you! If not, please think about joining us. If you have friends who might be interested in experiencing the racing excitement, encourage them to come along.

Also, as a reminder, we have the NCR Volunteer Incentive Program where we will reimburse workers for up to $35 dollars in expenses per day.

Finally if you need help with getting an affordable room, contact Sara Snider by Monday 10/14. FYI, the 13 hour weekend is up against the Martinsville NASCAR race this year.

Please Go to NCRSCCA.MotorsportReg.com to register.

Goblins Go

October 19-20, 2013

The flag meeting is @ 7:45 on both Saturday and Sunday with a Green Course at 8:30. The flag meeting is held at the flag shack building in the paddock up near the grid. Lunch will be provided each day and there will be a social Saturday evening after the racing.

Sign up now on NCRSCCA.MotorsportReg.com


October 25-26, 2013

The flag meeting on Friday is at 4:30 pm with a green course at 5:30. There will be a 1 hour qualifying session follow by a 1 hour night practice. There will be a social Friday night following the racing.

On Saturday, there is a pre-race breakfast from 6:30 to 7:45. The flag meeting on Saturday is at 8:15 am. Lunch and Dinner will be provided on Saturday.

Eric will send an update on other activities planned for this weekend.

Sign up now on NCRSCCA.MotorsportReg.com

Mark is the flag chief for the Goblins Go and Eric is the flag chief for the 13 Hour. If you have any questions or comments you can contact us at flagchief@ncrscca.com

NCR Flag Chief du jour
North Carolina Region SCCA

2013 RunOffs – Piner wins Hard Charger award, Cooke makes the show despite his injury…

Most of our members received e-mail updates from the National Office about the many races that comprised the 50th Anniversary RunOffs, October 16-23, but for those who did not, here’s a run down of how our local drivers fared. No, we didn’t crown any National Champions this year, but that doesn’t mean we were not well-represented.

In DSR, the Triangle’s own Doug Piner of Chapel Hill finished 6th after qualifying 9th in his Dauntless MX-1, powered by Suzuki. Since he gained all those positions on his own, Doug was presented with the Sunoco Hard Charger award. Way to go, Doug!! BTW, the race winner was Chris Farrell of Salt Lake City, Utah in a Stohr WF1.

Two NCR members competed in the GT2 race, which was won by Andrew Aquilante of Chester Springs, PA in a Corvette. Our own Russ Snow of Eden, NC, finished a respectable 7th after qualifying 13th in his Corvette, but Dr. J. Kurt Roehrig, of Lexington, NC, was unable to start in his Camaro after qualifying 11th. Good showing, Russ! And here’s to better luck next time, Kurt! Another familiar local driver, Pete Peterson, of Lumberton, NC, a member of Central Carolinas Region, finished 14th in his Toyota Celica.

The Triangle’s Robert Noell of Cary took 3rd in Formula Mazda, behind race winner and now National Champion, Darryl Wills of Houston, TX. Great showing, Robert!

In F1000, NCR’s Richard Franklin of Wilmington qualified 21st but finished 15th in his Stohr F1000 Suzuki. Good going, Richard! The race was won by Lawrence Loshak of Grafton, WI, in a JDR F1000 Suzuki, who led from the pole.

And in Touring 2, Don Knowles of Pittsboro (I forget — is he a 6-time National Champion or a 7-timer?) finished seventh in his Mustang GT, behind race winner Andy Wolverton of Papillion, Nebraska in his Z06 Corvette. Better luck next year, Don!

CJ Moses, though he lives in Gainesville, Virginia, is also one of our own, too. He switched to NCR a couple years back so that he could run SARRC races and was the Region’s National Driver of the Year in 2012. He finished 15th in his Mitsubishi Lancer EVO. He had horrible luck getting to and competing in the 2012 RunOffs. Good to see you made it through this year’s in better shape, CJ! Even better luck next year!

In Saturdays’ FV race, local racer Donnie Isley of Fletcher managed a next-to-last finish of 41st out of 42 finishers in his Agitator 16. That’s not so bad when you consider how crowded the field was and that 6 competitors failed to finish at all. Some never even started. Keep the faith, Donnie! Perseverance pays off.

No NCR members competed in GT3 this year, but Sam Fouse, Dennis Shaw, and Dan Robson all crewed for Chad Bacon of Kingsport, TN, who finished 6th in his Toyota Celica; one position up from his qualifying spot of 7th. Nice try, guys! The race was won by Rob Warkocki of Frankfort, IL, in a Mazda RX-7.

The sad news for the home team in E Production was that long-time member and racer Dwight Cooke of, Greensboro retired his Triumph TR4 after only 2 laps. But wait till you hear the rest of the story. It’s a classic!

It wasn’t just Dwight’s car that was hurting. The day before the race, Dwight had his hand injured rather severely while being flat towed off the grid (blown head gasket in the TR4). Apparently the flat tow driver didn’t wrap the strap correctly. When he turned a corner it rode up, and Dwight reached up with his right hand to keep his left from being entangled, and the right got entangled instead. Ouch! Double ouch! The ER docs stopped the bleeding and got him splinted, but there was no time to repair the Triumph. Dwight had come all that way to be part of the 50th anniversary RunOffs, jut as he had for the 25th, and now he wasn’t going to be able to compete. But the next day, Doug Piner donated some old gloves, they cut the fingers off one glove so it would fit over the bandage, covered everything with a Nomex sock to provide fire protection, pumped the TR4 full of water, and Dwight took the green. He only made 2 laps before he had to pull in, but he made the show. Never give up! That’s the spirit, Dwight! Better luck next year!

Hats off to all the NCR drivers who made the long trek to Elkhart Lake and represented us so well!

James Shanks
NCR Membership Chair