Season Pass

Come and join us for the 2017 NCR Autocross Season.  This is a great way to get a good discount on all of the events of 2017 as well as having yourself registered for every event this season*.

For the Calendar Year 2017 NCR-SCCA will be offering a season pass.  This pass will cover all events (both points and non-points) for the season with an option for NCAC.  We currently are looking to have 10 points events and 1 non-points event (below).   Below is the confirmed schedule (as of 1/1/2017) for the season and we will try to stick to but if an event is canceled, the club thanks you for your donation we promise it will go toward a good cause.  If we add an event (Points or Non-Points) you will be registered and your entry will covered by the pass.  Also, by purchasing a Season Pass you will be automatically registered for every event we have in 2017.  We will collect your car Make Model, Class, Pax, and Number in a future step.  This is what we will use to register you for all the other events.  As a Season Pass Holder you will get first opportunity at a number, with larger classes numbers will be at a premium.  If for some reason you change your Car, Class, and/or number just go to MSR and click contact host and let the registrar know what class you would like to move to for that event or for the rest of the season.  This can also be handled at registration the morning of but if you know you are going to change for the remainder of the season, it will be easier to have the registrar re-class you in the system not to mention saving you and the club valuable time on the morning of an event.

Classing: Car Classing is up to the driver.  To help with this a copy of the SCCA Solo (Autocross) Rule Book can be found here

This year we are returning to the classic classing scheme.  we will be running individual classes.  This could mean that there are not many people in your Class.  If you decide that you want competition we have created a competition class for anyone to run in.  It is a PAX class so it will rank you on your fastest pax time of the day.

Price is $230

2017 NCR SCCA Autocross Schedule

*CP events subject to change*

2/18 Cape Fear Community College North Campus (CFCC) – Test n Tune (non-points)

3/4 MCAS Cherry Point (CP) – Autox School
3/5 CP – Points Event #1

4/1 CFCC – Points Event #2

5/20 CP – Points Event #3
5/21 CP – Points Event #4

6/10 CFCC – Points Event #5

7/22 CP – Autox School
7/23 CP – Points Event #6

8/19 CFCC – Points Event #7

9/16 CP – Points Event #8
9/17 CP – Points Event #9

10/7-10/8 CP – North Carolina Autocross Championship (NCAC)**

11/4 CFCC – Points Event #10

**Please Note that people running certain pax classes will be contacted before NCAC to see where they would like to run.  For NCAC there will be no Pro, Raw Time or Competition Class.

By completing this registration you agree to the following stipulations for a NCR-SCCA Season Pass.

  1. You must be an SCCA member in good standing at the time of purchase.
  2. The Season Pass is only for All Events with an option for NCAC.
  3. The Season Pass is Non-transferable.  If you are not able to make an event you cannot give your pass to a fellow Autocrosser to use to get them in the event.
  4. You may get registered at the event and pick up your run ticket at the Hanging folder near the Non-Preregistered Station at the back of the trailer.
  5. It is up to you to make sure that you are registered with the correct number and class if different from the supplied info in this registration.
  6. You will have 2 forms to sign at your first event after you purchase your season pass please find them at the season pass check in location.