Road Racing Series

Regional Events

South East Championship Series – SECS

2014 will mark the end of National Racing as we know it, with the Majors Tour replacing National Racing as the top level of SCCA amateur competition and the primary path to a RunOffs invitation. However, since the Majors requires a very significant commitment in both time and money (particularly a commitment to tow long distances coupled with current high fuel prices), the SCCA Board of Directors has decided to permit Divisions to provide a Divisional “Alternate Path To The RunOffs”.

South Atlantic Road Racing Championship – SARRC

The SARRC series is the most successful regional race series in all of SCCA. Each year, the series has 25 races and over 4000 total entries. SARRC stands for the South Atlantic Road Racing Championship.

The final SARRC race of the race season is at Roebling Road in October and is called the SIC or SARRC Invitational Challenge. As the name implies, this is an invitation only race. In order to be invited, a driver must enter three regular season SARRC races.

Drivers may count their points for their best six regular season races toward the SARRC Championship. In addition, the points earned at the SIC count double and are added to the best six regular season races.

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Enduro Championship Racing – ECR

The ECR is a regional race series limited only to Spec Miata, Showroom stock, SRF & IT classes. ECR is the Endurance Championship Race series and is 1.5 or longer races.

The series is similar to SARRC in that you count your best six regular season races and the double points for the Championship race which is scheduled the same weekend this year as the SIC.

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Tarheel Cup Pro Series – TCPS

The Tarheel Cup Pro Series – TCPS is a regional points series conducted by the North Carolina Region (NCR) of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and any other region(s) in the SEDiv. of SCCA.

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The series is designed to promote fun, hassle free racing with a professional atmosphere.

CCPS is a points-based, team series, with cash awards for top finishers in each race and a cumulative cash prize for the overall points winner at the end the season.

CCPS races are all 45 minutes in length with a mandatory 2 minute pit-stop. Many teams opt to run one driver per race, however rules allow for a driver swap allowing more drivers to participate and gain valuable seat time.

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National Events

SCCA Hoosier Super Tour

Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA Super Tour consists of 11 race weekends at 11 premier tracks across the United States.  Each event includes two races for each Runoffs-eligible car class for a total of 22 Hoosier Super Tour races this year.

The 2017 Hoosier Super Tour schedule will run from January to June.  Venues were selected based on various attributes.  Some have decades of history with a record book featuring the biggest names in all of motorsport. Other sites are top “pro” tracks offering the best quality racing surface and amenities. And certain tracks were selected because they are the best “club” courses in the country, where challenging layouts are matched with warm hospitality and a “family feel” to the paddock area.

Offering a heightened experience for both competitors and race fans, Hoosier Super Tour events include segmented timing and scoring, up to three static cameras broadcasting on-track action live at, a “Super Tour Radio presented by Hoosier Racing Tire” team of announcers providing consistent insight and entertainment heard at tracks or online at, and dedicated staffing with a series race director, administrator and technical inspector. Super Tour dates will also have enhanced weekend social activities.

Hoosier Super Tour drivers earn points toward the Nationwide Points Championship.  Only results from Hoosier Super Tour races go toward the Nationwide Points Championship.  However, points gained at Super Tour events also count toward Conference Championships within the Conference hosting the Super Tour event.  The points structure is the same as the U.S. Majors Tour with the best six Hoosier Super Tour races, plus the Runoffs finish, going toward deciding class champions.

The Hoosier Super Tour is also a gateway to the SCCA National Championship Runoffs being held in 2017 at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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U.S. Majors Tour

The U.S. Majors Tour is the pinnacle of championship racing in North America.

This isn’t Easy Street. This is where America’s best amateur drivers race. It means start-to-finish, wheel-to-wheel action. It’s where drivers not only put their cars on the track, they put their pride on the line.

Make no mistake, this is not country club driving. The kindred spirit found here is mixed with fuel and emotion. Adrenaline pumps a little harder here.

Take a close look. It’s not for everyone. If you long for the flag that welcomes or denies you, we have a spot for you. Welcome to the Majors.

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