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Triangle Chapter Report – May 2012

RALEIGH, NC – (NCRSCCA) – The May meeting of the Triangle Chapter featured in-car video from a new source. Neal Harrison provided footage of his third and fourth place finishes at Roebling Road the preceding weekend.  Late Chuck Hines showed us in-car from his Miata for the same weekend.  Thanks, guys!  Poor Chuck didn’t do as well.  He took second on Saturday but had head gasket issues which prevented a finish on Sunday.  Better luck next time, big guy!  And speaking of race results, James Echells took a third in his E Prod Miata.  Good show, James!

Triangle Chapter Report – April 2012

RALEIGH, NC – (NCRSCCA) – The April Triangle Chapter meeting wasn’t as well attended as the March one, but we had a great time, with good food, lively discussion, and good news.  The good news came in the form of race results. Steve Rose was there and he told us about his 1st and 2nd place finishes in IT-7 at Carolina Motorsports Park the preceding weekend.  Steve was pretty pumped when he told us about getting some driving tips that resulted in his first lap under three minutes there.  Way to go, Steve!  Then Chuck Hines told us all that he took back-to-back firsts in ITS, while Neal Harrison, who could not make the meeting, had done the same in IT-A.  We congratulated them all! Late in the evening we even saw some in-car video from Mr. Hines.

Triangle Chapter Report – March 2012

RALEIGH, NC – (NCRSCCA) – The March meeting of the Triangle Chapter was surprisingly well-attended, given that we had our first racing event just three days away.  Steve Keadle, our Treasurer and Chief Steward for the “March Memories” event told us that there were 273 cars pre-registered and that things seemed to be moving along nicely.  That energized the crowd, as did the discussion of the inaugural Tarheel Cup Pro Series races which were to be a part of it.  Series Pointskeeper, Steve Rose, was on-hand and he assured us that they were ready to go.

B.O.D. Minutes

BOD Minutes – July 18, 2012

Summary of the Minutes of NCR-SCCA
Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

July 18, 2012

PRESENT:  Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, Buddy Matthews, Ron Gentry, Jerry Pell, Steve Keadle, Wayne Quick, James Shanks, Heather Powers, John Uftring, and, via telephone conference call, Sara Snider and Ginny Condrey

BOD Minutes – October 19, 2011

Summary of the Minutes of NCR-SCCA
Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

October 19, 2011

PRESENT:  Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, Steve Keadle, Ron Gentry, James Shanks, Blair Stitt, Heather Powers, Vern Harrison, John Lindquist, Wayne Quick, Jerry Pell and John Uftring.

1.   The NCR BoD’s monthly meeting was called to order by Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, at 7:36 p.m., on Wednesday, October 19, 2011, at Carver’s on Elm restaurant, 106 West Elm Street, Graham, NC  27253 (Exit 145, I-85/40).

BOD Minutes – September 21, 2011

Summary of the Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting
September 21, 2011

PRESENT:  Rex Deffenbaugh, RE, James Shanks, Ron Gentry, Ginny Condrey, Clayton Condrey, Steve Keadle, Heather Powers, Wayne Quick, John Lindquist, Jerry Pell, Buddy Matthews, John Uftring and Hayden Beatty and, via telephone, Chris Severt and Eric Danielson.

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