Club Reports

Chapter Reports

Cape Fear Chapter Report – April 2017

Last night we had about 20 SCCA members attend our meeting. We initially covered the recent Road Racing events thru Morgan Mehler and Chris Dean, then followed up with our last two events from this past weekend and the May Cherry Point events. We had a few gird issues with re-runs hot lapping and a […]

West Chapter Report – March 2017

The West Chapter meeting was held on March 7, 2017 at Coopers Ale House located at 415 S. Swing Road in Greensboro, N.C.  This was the second time that we used Salon D for our meeting and it appears that we may not be going to have any future meetings in the room where we […]

Triangle Chapter Report – March 2017

The Triangle Chapter of the NC Region SCCA met on Wednesday March 1 at our new location, Casa Carbone in Raleigh. We had 13 members and no guests attend. Attendance was probably off some as some folks were preparing for the upcoming March race. We were glad to see that Rex Deffenbaugh and his wife […]

B.O.D. Minutes

BoD Minutes – July 19, 2017

Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting July 19, 2017 Present:  Anna Crissman, Heather Clark, Rex Deffenbaugh, Bruce Dover, Buddy Matthews, Joedy Pennington, Mark Senior, James Shanks, and via conference call, Sam Fouse, Blair Deffenbaugh, Eric Danielsen, John Lindquist, Morgan Mehler, and Ben Tyler. Heather Powers and Matt Decker did not join. The NCR BoD […]

BoD Minutes – August 16, 2017

Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting August 16, 2017 Present:  Heather Clark, Anna Crissman, Rex Deffenbaugh, Bruce Dover, Sam Fouse, Mark Senior, James Shanks, and via conference call, Eric Danielsen, Matt Decker, Blair Deffenbaugh, and Ben Tyler. Buddy Matthews, Morgan Mehler, and Heather Powers did not join. The NCR BoD meeting was called […]

BoD Minutes – June 21, 2017

Minutes of NCR-SCCA Monthly Board of Directors Meeting June 21, 2017 Present:  Anna Crissman, Rex Deffenbaugh, Bruce Dover, Sam Fouse, Buddy Matthews, Jerry Pell, Heather Powers, Mark Senior, James Shanks, Ben Tyler, and via conference call, Heather Clark and Morgan Mehler. Blair Deffenbaugh attempted to join but had phone difficulties and was forced to withdraw. Matt […]

R.E. Reports

My First RE Report

by Sam Fouse, NCR Regional Executive

Date: 17 Feb 2016

I’ve been reading these things for almost forty years and now it’s my turn to write one.
Okay, here goes.

After becoming RE at the Annual Banquet on Jan. 9th, it suddenly hit me that from this point forward – everything’s my fault. I also quickly realized that I was about to embark on a crash schedule for the next three months. Here’s just the first 30 days:

RE Report – 2014 “State of the Region”

During the 2014 racing season, as a result of unplanned expenditures during the 2013 season, we managed to lose some money, so we were interested in recovering as much as possible during the 2014 season, and we did recover most of it. Since we are a nonprofit, it’s not easy to accomplish this. Many things conspired to allow us to cover some of that money, and some of what we learned will help to control cost of operations in the future as they normally increase. The March race was canceled because of track paving operations, and since we traditionally lose money on that race, that was in our favor. There were many other occurrences that allowed us to save money and some follow.

We saved money by coming up with more effective and cheaper methods to advertise. We saved large amounts of cash not advertising as much in national magazines. We planned to run only one ad, but that didn’t work out when Grassroots Motorsports ran a second ad we didn’t want, but we have received an ad for the 2015 season at no charge as a result, thus breaking even on that cost.

RE Report – March 2014

RE’s Report on the SEDiv Annual Meeting

On January 18-19, the Southeast Division Annual Meeting was held at the Sea Palms in St. Simons, Georgia. Mark Senior and I attended several of the sessions and our reports are detailed below:

Tech Meeting, led by Fred Clark.

Fred discussed the tech tools available to all the Regions. They included a whistler for measuring compression ratio, including a new adapter for Mini Coopers; a special tool for measuring bore and stroke “in-situ”; an electronic meter for measuring roll bar thickness without drilling a hole; and a fuel tester. Fred noted that the best way to have these items shipped is via bus (Greyhound). On the subject of fuel testing, it was noted that NCR’s Chief of Tech, Buddy Matthews, is likely the only one still testing. Others take a sample at the track and send it off to be tested. It was noted that as soon as we come up with a system to test the fuel, folks come up with a way to beat it. Fred brought up the topic of “REM” coating of parts (transmission). It was agreed there was no way to detect it, so we should just allow coatings.