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Solo rule changes for 2012

TOPEKA, KS (SCCA) — A number of changes will take place for next year. Here are some of highlights:

  • Street Touring ECU rules updated; piggyback controllers allowed as long as they use the factory sensors and wiring.
  • More lenient catalytic converter rules from STX/STU apply to all of Street Touring.
  • STX/STU big brake allowance applies to all of street touring.
  • Street Touring will now be classified on performance potential – no more class hopping.
  • Street Touring FWD added for modern B and C class econoboxes which are burdened by modern safety requirements – expect to see Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Mazda2, and Ford Fiesta in their own class.
  • ASP becomes Super Street Prepared
  • Turbocharged, AWD cars become ASP and can run big boost
  • BSP retains NA 2WD cars like the M3, S2000, C4 Corvette and Boxster/944 S2
  • 2008-2009 Dodge Viper and 2012 911 GT3 are now eligible for Super Stock
  • Stock cars may now modify EITHER front OR rear swaybar, not just front sway bar – but only ONE
  • Divisionals are going away, replaced by National Tours; regions are encouraged to come up with their own local-flavor divisional championships.
  • In order to receive a trophy at Nationals, there must be a minimum of 3 competitors in the class

For more information visit SCCA Fasttrack News – December 2011

2011 North Carolina Autocross Championship

Highlands Sports Car Club is pleased to announce the 2011 North Carolina Autocross Championship. Presented this year by Mahle Motorsports, the NCAC is North Carolina’s premier autocross competition. This 2 day event is hosted each year by one of the five NCAC clubs (CCR-SCCA, NCR-SCCA, Triad Sports Car Club, Tarheel Sports Car Club, and Highland Sports Car Club). Hosting duties rotate between the clubs and this year Highlands will be the host.

Date: October 1 – 2, 2011

Location: zMAX Dragway in Concord, NC (across from Charlotte Motor Speedway)

Entry Fee: $65

For more information, please visit the HSCC website.


2010 CFACS Season Champions Announced

WILMINGTON, NC (NCR SCCA) — The Cape Fear Chapter finishes another successful season with 10 events and  500+ entries in over 30 classes. This years 2010 Cape Fear Autocross Champions includes 4 new class champions and 15 previous class champions.

Each class champion receives a class champion poster, magnet, and trophy.

2011 PAX Index Released

Chicago IL — The updated PAX indexing factors have been release for the 2011 season. The average change is just .71%, so in other words not much changed. It appears that the ST classes have become a bit closer. Full Solo PAX/RTP list below:

Stock Classes
SS 0.857
AS 0.841
BS 0.839
CS 0.833
DS 0.817
ES 0.825
FS 0.827
GS 0.809
HS 0.791
Street Prepared
ASP 0.862
BSP 0.859
CSP 0.858
DSP 0.844
ESP 0.846
FSP 0.835
Street Touring & Modified
ST 0.820
STS 0.823
STR 0.836
STX 0.824
STU 0.838
SM 0.869
SMF 0.855
SSM 0.875
XP 0.887
BP 0.870
CP 0.860
DP 0.867
EP 0.863
FP 0.872
GP 0.837
AM 1.000
BM 0.958
CM 0.906
DM 0.905
EM 0.910
FM 0.904
FSAE 0.981
F125 0.952
FJA 0.866
FJB 0.826
FJC 0.755

For past PAX/RTP indexes, visit