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NCR Returns to Charlotte Motor Speedway

CHARLOTTE, NC (NCR & CCR SCCA) – On Saturday, August 20, 2011 & Sunday, August 21, 2011, Central Carolina (CCR) & North Carolina (NCR) SCCA Regions present “Daylight Into Dark”, a double SARRC/CCPS race at Charlotte Motor Speedway! Click here for more info and registration links.


We’ll let you know what’s going on,You let us know what you think

Timberlake, NC (NCR SCCA) — After an extended period without much communication regarding Region business between the NC Region Board of Directors and the NCR membership — no newsletter for almost a year, no BoD meeting minutes and only sporadic Chapter and RE reports while the website was being upgraded — we now hope to rectify that situation by having all of the above posted here, on the NCR website.

In addition, we invite members to submit your own articles for posting here. Race experiences or any other NCR-related news that you care to share with the rest of us is always welcome.

Please send any submissions, questions, comments, complaints, kudos, concerns to the Web Content Editor, Bruce Dover at

T2 Ford Mustang Restrictor Plate

To give competitors adequate time to prepare, the CRB is making this announcement in advance of the publication of the June 2011 Fastrack.

The CRB has accepted the advisory committee recommendation, based on independent dyno testing, to require a 65mm flat plate restrictor for the T2 2011- 2012 Mustang GT.

Effective June 1, 2011, GCR section 9.1.10, T2, Ford Mustang GT 5.0L (2011- 12), add to Notes: “65mm flat plate restrictor required.”

Race Memo RM 11-04

Toyo R888 Temporarily Added to Spec Miata Eligibility

TOPEKA, KS (SCCA) – Sports Car Club of America’s Club Racing Board has approved the use of the Toyo Proxes R888 in addition to the Toyo Proxes RA1 for Spec Miata National competition effective immediately. The inclusion of the Proxes R888 is in response to limited quantities of the Proxes RA1 in the United States following the earthquake in Japan. 

In addition to the 205/50ZR 15 Toyo Proxes RA1, the 205/50ZR 15 Toyo Proxes R888 will be eligible beginning with races this weekend. While there is currently no end date for eligibility of the Proxes R888, SCCA has reiterated that only one tire will be eligible for use at the 2011 National Championship Runoffs. SCCA stated this in the May 2011 issue of Fastrack®, the official member notification newsletter. 

“Based on discussions with Toyo Tires this week, Proxes RA1 inventory levels are expected to return to normal by the end of June,” SCCA VP of Club Racing Terry Ozment said. “Neither Toyo nor SCCA want the supply issues from Japan to affect an SCCA racer’s ability to race, so we have elected to allow both tires until sufficient levels of the Proxes RA1 are back in the United States. 

“The CRB has determined that only one tire will be used at the Runoffs, with the Proxes RA1 being the preferred tire. However, if sufficient levels are not available, the Proxes R888 would be the second option. That determination will be made at a later date.” 

A formal Club Racing Memo was released today allowing both tires for the Spec Miata class until further notice. 

NCR Board of Directors meetings move to a new location

RALEIGH, NC (NCR SCCA) — Starting in April the NCR Board of Directors meetings will be held at Carver’s On Elm Restaurant in Graham, NC. Please visit our events calendar for more details.

All SCCA members are invited to attend.


NCR SCCA 2011 PDX event at VIR announced

RALEIGH, NC (NCR SCCA) — The NC Region is planning a PDX event during the March Memories race. This will be  the second PDX event at VIR hosted by the NC Region, after organizing a succesful event last year.

Students must be at least a Temporary SCCA member and Instructors must possess a current or temporary SCCA membership.

Students must be at least 18 years of age or have a specially marked SCCA license noting that a minor waiver is on file with the National Office.

The minimum apparel shall be long pants, long sleeved shirts, and shoes which fully cover the foot at least to the ankle.  Additionally, closed or open face helmets which meet Snell M-95 requirements or better are required.

Only street legal cars and those eligible for the Solo2 classes of Stock, Street Touring, Street Prepared, and Street Mod or GCR classes of Showroom Stock, Touring, and Improved Touring are eligible to participate.   No vehicles prepared beyond these allowances will be allowed to participate.

All student cars must have a passenger seat with both the driver and passenger seats having 3 point seat belts meeting DOT requirements as a minimum.

Due to VIR safety requirements, all convertible and Targa top cars must have a factory hard top or SCCA approved roll bar.

See the event listing for more details

Permanent Numbers & SEDIV Convention

SOUTHEAST (SEDIV) — Permanent Number Application is now available on the SEDIV website. The deadline is January 20, 2011, so don’t delay!

On a more fun note, the Annual SEDIV Convention information is also now on the SEDIV website. The convention is January 21st through the 23rd at Jekyll Island. Come and join the celebration of another successful year of SEDIV competition.

2010 CFACS Season Champions Announced

WILMINGTON, NC (NCR SCCA) — The Cape Fear Chapter finishes another successful season with 10 events and  500+ entries in over 30 classes. This years 2010 Cape Fear Autocross Champions includes 4 new class champions and 15 previous class champions.

Each class champion receives a class champion poster, magnet, and trophy.

2011 PAX Index Released

Chicago IL — The updated PAX indexing factors have been release for the 2011 season. The average change is just .71%, so in other words not much changed. It appears that the ST classes have become a bit closer. Full Solo PAX/RTP list below:

Stock Classes
SS 0.857
AS 0.841
BS 0.839
CS 0.833
DS 0.817
ES 0.825
FS 0.827
GS 0.809
HS 0.791
Street Prepared
ASP 0.862
BSP 0.859
CSP 0.858
DSP 0.844
ESP 0.846
FSP 0.835
Street Touring & Modified
ST 0.820
STS 0.823
STR 0.836
STX 0.824
STU 0.838
SM 0.869
SMF 0.855
SSM 0.875
XP 0.887
BP 0.870
CP 0.860
DP 0.867
EP 0.863
FP 0.872
GP 0.837
AM 1.000
BM 0.958
CM 0.906
DM 0.905
EM 0.910
FM 0.904
FSAE 0.981
F125 0.952
FJA 0.866
FJB 0.826
FJC 0.755

For past PAX/RTP indexes, visit



Great News for All Road Racers!

TOPEKA, KS (SCCA) — The SCCA National Office is now accepting NASA Competition Licenses for all SCCA Regional Races. The current list of recognized competition licenses is: BMW CCA, CACC, FIA, HSR, ICSCC, IMSA, MCSCC, NASA, PCA, Ontario Region CASC, SCCA Pro Racing, SVRA, VMC, Waterford Hills, and West Canada Motorsports Association.