Cape Fear Chapter Report – June/July 2017

by Matt Decker, Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator

Our June meeting had to be cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with the location, and us being unable to find a different venue.

At the July Meeting we had; Myself, Chris and Elizabeth Severt, Morgan Mehler, Chris Deen, Kit Williams, Bob Walker, Jeff and Sarah Eng, and Mark Miller in attendance.

As well as three new guests, one looking to become a member.

We discussed several things;

  • Timing light upgrades to the boxes and our need of new backups for NCAC.
  • Course worker safety and coordination. We have been having difficulty coordinating workers and worker stations on our 2 day events. We discussed how we can remedy and improve station layout and locations.
  • We made a donation to the local Community College as thanks for letting us use their pavement for the Blackwater Events (cape Fear Community College)
  • Lastly, we discussed FTD and PAX trophies that we will need for the remainder of the year. As well as looking at the Trophies we are getting for NCAC.

We then made the announcements of our Novice school on the 22nd, and our next event following day the 23rd. As well as Registration for NCAC being open (as of July 1st) and that there was no auto-registration, like our other events.

Cape Fear Chapter Report – April 2017

Last night we had about 20 SCCA members attend our meeting.

We initially covered the recent Road Racing events thru Morgan Mehler and Chris Dean, then followed up with our last two events from this past weekend and the May Cherry Point events.

We had a few gird issues with re-runs hot lapping and a couple of people who got too many runs in the morning.

We decided this is a communication issue, and we are ordering more radios so finish and two grid workers will have ears.

Explained registration is open for both of our next events 5-20/21 and 6-10.

Cape Fear Chapter Report – September 2016

Happy September everyone! Tonight’s meeting of the Cape Fear Chapter was a modest group of 11 that met to discuss the upcoming event at Cherry Point (9-10 & 9-11) and establish who was going to be doing what jobs as a large portion of the leadership core would be gone to Solo Nationals or engaged in other prior commitments.

The group decided to have Bob Walker take his first stab at running an event weekend with the help and guidance from Chris Severt.

The meeting then turned its focus on having all of the NCR members in attendance discuss their preparations for Solo Nationals. Adrian Willis and Justin Arnette each shared their experiences leading up to departure and their expectations and excitement about the event. I’m sure a complete report in the October meeting will be exciting to hear!

Lastly the group discussed possible locations for our Solo end of year awards banquet. The meeting was dismissed around 8:30pm.

John Byers – Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator

Cape Fear Chapter Report – August 2016

The Cape Fear Chapter met on August 2nd at Elizabeth’s Pizza with 15 members present.

Chris Severt and Morgan Mehler led the meeting and discussed at length the flow chart of jobs and responsibilities within the Solo program.  We are moving to an Event Chair system where we involve the local solo members into their program and have them take the duties of running an event.  The main hope of this is twofold.  One, with a keen eye on the future of potential Solo Chairs and two, to help delegate many of the duties that have fallen on a few shoulders and to potentially prevent the dreaded burnout.

With our first two Event Chairs picked, Travis Elliot took the August double points event and Bob Walker stepped up to take the September double points event both at our infamous Cherry Point location.

The remainder of the meeting was spent swapping out war stories of things gone wrong on event weekends and the wonderful paddock spirit that often rises to the top to help out our fellow competitors.

John Byers
Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator

Cape Fear Chapter Report – July 2016

The Cape Fear Chapter met on Tuesday July 5th at Elizabeth’s Pizza at 7pm.  We had 14 members present for our meeting.  We started with dinner followed by a welcome from John Byers and Morgan Mehler.

After quick introductions we quickly jumped into our first item of business, discussing the past event at Cherry Point.  Several members commenting on the good and bad points of the event and working on what we can focus on to make our event better the next time.  We quickly moved to success stories of the event as we always enjoy seeing people excel at Solo.  We then discussed our next event and covered what needed to be done prior to it.

Morgan Mehler updated the group on our efforts of securing a new site at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base and what possibilities we have of utilizing the site in 2016.  Morgan further discussed our long range plans of hosting the North Carolina Autocross Championships during the first weekend in October 2017.

John Byers next asked longtime member Chris Deen to share his experiences with the group of his recent visit to Germany and driving the Nürburgring.

Afterwards we opened the floor up for announcements/discussion and ended the meeting by looking at John Bodners new Ford Focus RS before heading home.

John Byers, Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator

Meeting was called to order by Morgan Mehler and Chris Severt, John Byers was busy with his Track EOY awards banquet.

Items discussed included:


Cape Fear Chapter Report – June 2016

The Cape Fear Chapter met at Elizabeth’s Pizza on Tuesday, June 7th.  In attendance where a dozen members who began the meeting with some fine Italian cuisine and good old fashioned racing tales.

Meeting was called to order by Morgan Mehler and Chris Severt, John Byers was busy with his Track EOY awards banquet.

Items discussed included:

  1. NCR Majors weekend reports
  2. SCCA Cars & Coffee weekend in Wilmington.  We gave away two free entries to our last event in downtown Wilmington.
  3. Discussed the last event and all the new logistical issues of running an event with the new restrictions of our downtown site.
  4. Discussed our upcoming Cherry Point event.

Meeting adjourned

Cape Fear Chapter Report – July 2014

July Cape Fear Chapter Meeting report:

Meeting had 12 members and 1 guest present.  We started the meeting off with introductions and quickly moved on to the business of the meeting.

I.  Debrief of Points events #2 & 3 at Cherry Point MCAS

It was a very hard and trying weekend with a myriad of issues.  We had to call the event early on Saturday due to a quick moving thunderstorm that moved in.  We had one run group that never got afternoon runs in forcing us to revert back to morning runs and call the event based on 3 runs.  No awards given due to having to vacate the runway asap due to lightning.

Sunday just continued the trend with EMS being dispatched to the event twice over the course of the day as well as multiple timing and scoring system issues.  The event was called early when an NCR member collapsed in grid shortly after lunch and had to be taken to the hospital.  The event was once again called based on morning runs only.  No awards were given.

II.  First responder safety protocol

We discussed at length our response to both of Sundays incidents and how we handled the situations.   Was agreed with the information and equipment we had on site that both situations were dealt with appropriately and quickly.  We all agreed that having only half of the Solo staff CPR or First responder certified wasn’t adequate and are taking steps to get the entire Solo staff certified.   We are also in the planning stages of getting a list together for putting together a first responder bag that has a few more items over your standard first aid kit.  NCR member Jeremy Tanner is reaching out to Zoll for assistance in donation of an AED to have available at all events.

III.  VIR joint event with THSCC

We finalized the last few details of our participation in the inaugural Motorsports Extravaganza at VIR on Sept 5 & 6 and we are looking forward to it.

Meeting was adjourned

John Byers, Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator

Cape Fear Chapter Report – June 2014

The Cape Fear Chapter meeting was held on June 3rd at Elizabeth’s Pizza.  We had a decent crowd of 13 members and 1 guest present.  Several topics were discussed at the meeting:

1)   Cancellation of the Smiles per Gallon event

·         Discussed what caused event cancellation

·         Reviewed steps taken since then to prevent future issues

·         Announced replacement date of November 15-16, 2014

o   Discussed ideas on how to make it a Two-day event like a National Tour

2)   Major Announcement:  NCR Solo will now accept credit card payments on site going forward with an additional $2 charge to cover associated fees.  Receipts to be emailed to you.

3)   Upcoming events for members:

·         June 7, 2014 Cars & Coffee

·         June 21-22 Solo Points event #2 & #3 at Cherry Point MCAS

4)   Announced Sept. 6-7, 2014 joint event with Tarheel Sports Car Club located at VIR with many positive thoughts and comments.  Events to include:

·         PDX: one or two day pricing available

·         RallyX on Saturday

·         AutoX on Sunday

·         Kart Enduro on Saturday evening.

Great evening of fine food and fellowship with the CFC gearheads!

See you next month!

John Byers
Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator

Cape Fear Chapter Report – April 2014

The Cape Fear Chapter held their April meeting on April 1st at Elizabeth’s Pizza off Market Street. As usual we are always greeted with a warm reception and great food by the staff of Elizabeth’s. We had a small crowd of 11 members present for the meeting.

The meeting opened up with a welcome from John Byers, CFC Coordinator and NCR Solo Chair. We discussed all the upcoming events that are fast approaching the Cape Fear area during the months of April and May with Cape Fear members participating:

April 5 – Cars & Coffee @ Chili’s

April 26-27 – Jim Stark Memorial Double SARRC-Concurrent Double SECS @ Roebling

May 3 – Cars & Coffee SCCA Day: all the Cape Fear area race cars and autox cars will be there promoting SCCA and upcoming events.

May 10, 2014 – May 11, 2014 Double SARRC-MARRS with Double TCPS/single SECS

May 18 – Solo Points Event #2 @ CFCC Blackwater site

Following upcoming events we discussed the “Right Boot Camp” Novice School that was held March 29th at Cherry Point MCAS. We had 37 students present and 12 instructors. Even with the bad weather we had a very successful school and learned quite a bit about the new procedures we put into place to improve over the 2013 Novice School.

Next up on the agenda was discussion about our March 30th Stallings Memorial Points Event #1 Autocross that was held at Cherry Point MCAS. We had approximately 130 competitors and got 6 runs in on a 50 second course. We had a few trials and tribulations with timing and scoring issues but we banded together and showed why the NCR Solo staff is the best around! Many Kudo’s to the way our team works together to ensure a great event is put on.

Last on the agenda were concerns about replacing aging equipment and purchasing new equipment to meet the demands of our ever growing Solo program. Many great ideas were presented and will be thrown around during the next month to bring up at the May meeting. With a month and a half between events we will all be sure to shake the rust loose and get ready for points event #2!

As always, great food and fellowship made for a wonderful evening shared by many friends in the Cape Fear Chapter. It’s these common bonds and friendships that drive me to work as hard as I can for this Club, thanks for being the best around CFC!

John Byers
Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator
NCR Solo Chair

Cape Fear Chapter Report – February 2012

WILMINGTON, NC – (NCRSCCA) – The Cape Fear Chapter converged on a new meeting spot, Elizabeth’s Pizza, on February 7th to enjoy great drinks, Italian cuisine, and camaraderie.  Twenty enthusiastic members were in attendance, anxious to catch up on the off-season’s news and get started on 2012.  The elephant in the room was the missing NCR Solo Schedule so we jumped right into that discussion.  The skinny of it is the BlackWater solo pad, the site we visited six times last year, is unavailable for public rental this year.  We were planning to broaden our horizons to new sites for 2012, but the BlackWater news sped up the process.  Five potential new sites were already on the table before the meeting.  Thanks to some member input that list quickly grew to nine.  A few of those look to be likely hosts to a 2012 Solo event.  Despite the slow start it’s shaping up to be an exciting season of NCR Autocross.

Once the schedule topic had been covered, discussion moved to upcoming events.  We will be hosting an autocross test day on February 26th at CFCC’s downtown Wilmington campus.  There are also autocrosses with our neighboring regions that many of our members are planning to attend.  The Crash & Burn school was given a plug as well as the March Memories club race.  The new Tar Heel Cup Pro Series and the joint Tar Heel Sports Car Club PDX were both explained to the crowd.  Reception for both was positive.  The prospect of co-hosting Solo events with neighboring clubs and regions was also discussed.  A few more business items, such as utilizing Solo Event flyers and ways to cut costs, were debated before closing the meeting.  To round out February’s business we unanimously voted to meet at Elizabeth’s Pizza for the remainder of the season.  Many members adjourned to the parking lot to inspect the Timing & Scoring trailer’s new tow vehicle: the Severt’s new Ford Lightning.  They all approved and look forward to seeing how quickly the equipment can get to this year’s events!

Chris Severt, Cape Fear Chapter Coordinator