We are pleased to announce the final points standings and trophy winners for 2016. There were 93 entries in the series during 6 events across 12 classes. In order to qualify for a year-end championship trophy, a driver must have entered at least 50% of the events, or just three races. Here are the final points standings by class, driver, and points total. Only those classes meeting participation requirements are listed.

1st – Steven Layfield, 112 pts. – Class Champion
2nd – Greg Seigart, 104 pts.
1st – William Wallace, 97 pts. – Class Champion
2nd – (Tie) Roger Gillespie and John Lindquist, 71 pts
1st – Dean Bumgardner, 78 pts. – Class Champion
2nd – Rex Deffenbaugh, 64 pts.
1st – Jason Finch, 66 pts. – Class Champion
2nd – Philip Safriet, 56 pts.
3rd – Chalton Jerry Lane, 46 pts.
1st – Mark Senior, 94 pts. – Class Champion

There were 17 other drivers who entered two or fewer races, and 20 who entered only one race. Trophies, etc. will be awarded at our March Into Spring event March 11-12, 2017 at VIR. We are also in the process of recruiting an Administrator for 2017. If interested, please send me an e-mail at the address below.

Sam Fouse, NC Region Interim TCPS Administrator